Advent Reflection Booklet 2013 - Immaculata University - page 7

But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not
put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his
house on sand
. (Matthew 7:26)
I believe that the words Jesus speaks in this gospel reading are
very important in how we need to view our everyday lives. One
of the truths of Christianity is that we need to rely on God in or-
der to live well. Throughout the gospels, Jesus provides exam-
ples of how to live well. Such a life includes forgiveness, serv-
ing others, humility. Often, we read the Bible or listen to homi-
lies and pick and choose which lessons or characteristics we like
or are easiest for us to do. Jesus tells us in this passage that we
must put all His teachings into practice. Listening and reading
are not enough. The Gospel and the Life of Jesus must be lived.
They must become the very foundation of our lives. Such a foun-
dation will give us the strength to carry on when controversy or
struggle comes our way. The difference between the wise and
the foolish builders is the difference between those who truly
live the gospel and those who do not.
Dear God,
Be with us today as we listen to Your words
Help us to be true disciples of Christ
Rhonda Fioresi ‘01
Director of Residence Life and Housing
First Thursday of Advent
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