Advent Reflection Booklet 2014 - page 7

When Jesus entered Capernaum a certain centurion came to
Him asking for help. Lord he said my servant lies at home par-
alyzed, suffering terribly and dreadfully tormented.
Matthew 8:5-1
The centurion 's request for the help of Jesus was simple and direct.
His faith in the power of Jesus to heal his servant had no reserva-
tions. He knew that he was speaking to the Son of God and was
certain that he would heal his tortured and tormented servant.
Many of us suffer from another form of paralysis. We are unable to
LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL because we are paralyzed and dreadful-
ly tormented by the endless distractions of modern life-- TV, cell
phones, computers, the social media, and the endless sound of music
blasting in our ears. For many of us life has lost its meaning and
purpose. The magnet that pulls us in the direction of evil is very
strong and difficult to overcome. We wish to choose virtue, but sur-
rounded by chaos and endless temptations, we realize that we must
go to Jesus and ask for help. We need Him "under our roof." Like
the centurion we must have faith and know that Jesus will LISTEN
to our prayer.
Do you suffer from paralysis as you go about your daily living? Are
you unable to do the good that you wish to do because you cannot
resist the strong pull toward sin and evil? Do you feel that you are
unworthy to have Jesus enter "under your roof?" Have faith and
place your trust in Jesus. He will be with be with you always and
with the help of His grace your paralysis will disappear.
Jesus, Divine Healer, do not permit me to be paralyzed with fear as
I do my best to live a life of virtue and goodness. I beg you "to enter
under my roof" today and every day of my earthly journey.
Sister Nancy Coyle
Associate Professor Emerita
First Monday of Advent
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