Advent Reflection Booklet 2014 - page 6

“O House of Jacob, come,
let us walk in the light of the Lord!”
Isaiah 2:5
Isaiah’s vision is a familiar introduction to the Advent season.
He is the prophetic herald who calls to us from ancient times to
approach the “mountain of the Lord’s house” and face the reality
of God’s presence in our lives. From the mountain top, God re-
veals himself in his words and in the person of the Messiah. We
are invited to climb toward the light – the Word of God breaking
into human existence bringing gifts of renewal and peace.
This peace, foretold by Isaiah is more than the
Pax Romana
the first coming of Jesus. That interruption of hostility was the
fruit of Roman conquest. Today, many people yearn for a cessa-
tion of warfare; however, military success is not the peace of
which the prophet speaks. It is peace of soul that is the heart of
the promise. For Isaiah urges us “to walk in the light of the
Lord.” His call is to renewal and personal holiness.
The child whose coming the prophet announces is already with
us disguised in the events of our daily lives. Advent reminds us
to look beyond the routine and examine the essence of our hopes
and dreams. Christ comes today. We need to welcome him!
Come, Lord Jesus!
Draw us to your light. Give us the grace of recognizing that you
come in our time as an instrument of peace. Fill up the dark
spaces of our lives with your light. Lift our burdens and
strengthen our hope. Come, surprise us!
Sister Marie Hubert Kealy, IHM
Department of English
First Monday of Advent
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