Advent Reflection Booklet 2013 - Immaculata University - page 3

“Let us walk in the light of the Lord!”
(Isaiah 2:5
) “For our salvation is
nearer now than when we first believed.”
(Romans 13:11)
stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will
(Matthew 24:42)
Each of the scripture readings for this first Sunday in Advent is a discourse
pointing toward the expectations for the future, and in each case it is while
people are in the midst of the ordinary events of life. This is a clear reminder
to us that we are not always living with the awareness that the Lord could
come at any time, and, more so, that He is already in our midst in so many
I marvel at how often a sudden awakening happens in the face of crises—
whether it is because we as a nation have gone too far in taking too much
from the earth without replenishment, or when we have been silent watching
our brothers and sisters who are being killed unjustly, or when we, daily,
come face to face with crime and hatred and unrest. The gospel contains a
clear warning and a judgment, admonishing us to “stay awake.”
The beauty of the Advent Season and of our God is that, instead of leading us
to hopelessness and paralyzing us with fear, we have the opportunity to be
prepared. We have the opportunity to right our wrongs—to reach out in ex-
pectation that God forgives us and continually fills us with His grace. We
have the priceless gift of faith and the true presence of Christ to walk with us
and accompany us on our journey into the future. We can decide to “walk in
the light of the Lord” because, in spite of our shadowed decisions, God’s
grace is abundant. God desires union with us just as much as we desire union
with our God.
Let us pray for one another that this Advent time of preparation may be one of
enlightenment and peace.
Lord, as we “walk in the light” of your presence,
-give us the strength to recognize you in all things.
Lord, You came as a visible sign of love,
-give us a heart that outpours this love to others,
Lord, strengthen us by your grace,
-give us a heart that “stays awake” and prepares to welcome you
daily. Amen
Sister Monica Sicilia, IHM
Math, Computing Science, Physics Department
First Sunday of Advent
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