Advent Reflection Booklet 2014 - page 2

Greetings Everyone and Happy Advent!
Once again this year, it is an honor to present our Immaculata
University Advent Reflection Booklet. A work that is both
and for
our community to help us prayerfully, ready the way of
the Lord! This year, I am especially grateful for the large num-
ber of contributors which allows us to offer multiple reflections
for some of the days. What a blessing! Praise the Lord!
As we begin this Sacred Season, we are certain to come into con-
tact with those less sacred, traditional
stickers. Soon,
they will be scattered on living room floors, ready to be placed
on special gifts. These stickers facilitate the exchanges and per-
sonalize the giving. In that same vein, allow me to suggest a
similar “sticker” that can prepare us for the ultimate Gift, Jesus
our Lord, and facilitate our reception of Him. This “sticker” is
, but rather,
For in this Season, we call to mind the marvelous mystery that
Jesus is both
from and for
us. Taking His flesh
the Virgin
Mary, the Word is made Flesh
us, the very hope of our hu-
man race. What’s more, He is
from and for
the Father. The Sec-
ond Person of the Blessed Trinity, Jesus is the Son of the Eternal
Father sent to us
Him and
Him. This is the reason for
Christmas joy! Without losing anything of His Divinity, Jesus
becomes human and brings to humanity the fullness of His Di-
vinity! Wow!
May the power of this mystery give Hope, spark Faith and en-
kindle Love in each of us as we ponder such Good News! A
Blessed Advent to all!
Fr. Chris Rogers
Director of Campus Ministry
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