Advent Reflection Booklet 2013 - Immaculata University - page 2

Advent Greetings to you! It is with great joy that I present to
you this year’s Advent Reflection Booklet.
This year, Advent begins on Thanksgiving Weekend. As such,
the Season which prepares us for the “fullness of time” will be
arriving at a “time of great fullness”! The latter will be felt in
our stomachs and in mall parking lots when the former arrives.
But the former, that is, “the fullness time” will be felt in the
beautiful Season that now lies before us.
Advent is a Season of Hope: A time when we recall the great
hopes of Israel. The people of the Old Testament hoped for big
things! We still hope for the same.
Advent is a Season of Light: A time when we, as Christians, rec-
ognize Jesus as the Light of the world. The One who shines in
the darkness and Who is not overcome by it.
Advent is a Season of Joy: A time when we recognize in the hu-
manity of Christ, the instrument of our salvation. God indeed is
one with us.
Throughout this Season, it will be my prayer that these Advent
gifts may penetrate and prepare us for the coming of Jesus.
There is great need for these gifts, and Advent is a time to re-
My heartfelt thanks to all in our community who contributed to
this booklet.
Fr. Christopher B. Rogers
Chaplain/Director of Campus Ministry
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