Advent Reflection Booklet 2014 - page 11

“My heart is moved with pity for the crowd, for they have
been with me now for three days and have nothing to eat.”
Matthew 15 :32
Today’s readings and responsorial Psalm focus on God’s special
caring presence in light of the human need for something very
basic: food! This form of love is manifested in a concrete tangi-
ble way by the LORD who desires to provide a feast for his peo-
ple (Isaiah 25:6-10 ) and Jesus’ heart of compassion for the
crowd. There is however, a crucial element in today’s Gospel
that we should not overlook. It was not Jesus but his disciples
who distributed the food! There are millions of “hungry” peo-
ple in our world today (hundreds here in Chester county!). God
has provided an abundance for each of us here at Immaculata!
As Christ’s disciples, as stewards of his gifts we need to partici-
pate in “distribution.”
Perhaps, too, it would be spiritually enriching to think about the
fact that the people described in this Gospel were willing to go
hungry for three days just to remain in Christ’s presence and
hear His every word. Let’s take time be nourished spiritually by
the Word of the Lord (the Bread of Life) today and then find a
way to participate in some way in the work of “feeding the hun-
Lord Jesus, we pray now for the hungry— not the spiritually
hungry not the emotionally hungry not the psychologically hun-
gry (though they surely need our prayers). We pray now simply
for the hungry hungry. We pray that we your disciples may pro-
vide them with food this day.
Sr. Sheila Galligan IHM
Theology Department
First Wednesday of Advent
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