College of Graduate Studies

Admission for Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) K-12

You may apply to the doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Administration for the fall, spring or summer semesters. Application deadlines are: July 1 for fall, November 1 for spring, and April 1 for summer. You must submit all materials in a single large envelope.

A complete application for admission will include the following:

  1. Apply Online or complete an application form with a $75.00 application fee. Please make your check payable to Immaculata University.
  2. Official transcript(s) of your academic record from each undergraduate and graduate school attended. An official transcript verifying completion of prerequisite degrees is required. Official transcripts should be forwarded to you from the school registrar(s). Request that the school enclose the transcript(s) in a sealed envelope, with the registrar's name signed across the seal. Official transcripts must remain confidential, so please do not open the envelope containing your official transcript when it is returned to you. If the seal has been broken on the envelope, your entire application will be returned to you.
  3. Three completed reference forms appraising your capacity for doctoral study. Note: Complete and sign the top portion of the reference form and forward it with an envelope to the individual who will be providing your reference. Write your name and address on the envelope, and when it has been returned to you, return the sealed envelope with the other application materials. All references are to be confidential, so please do not open the envelope with your reference form. 
  4. Writting sample: a two-page, double-spaced, typed and signed statement of your educational pursuits in education.
  5. If you are an international student, you must submit an official TOEFL score directly to the College of Graduate Studies.

Please send the supporting documents, to:

Doctor of Education K-12 Admissions Committee
Immaculata University
Lillian P. Lettiere Center #006
1145 King Road
Immaculata, PA 19345
Fax: 484-395-0068

For additional application information, please contact:
Sueann Robbins
Director of Graduate Admission

Michael Bair, '12 Ed.D., principal


"I chose to attend Immaculata University for the great reputation, knowledgeable professors, excellent networking capabilities, and the high level of faculty support ... Immaculata University equipped me with a strong foundation in educational research and expert knowledge of current trends and theories in the field of supervision and leadership. Immaculata University provided me with a clear vision and prepared me to take on the many challenges that educators face today." —Michael Bair, '12 Ed.D., principal

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