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Enrichment Grant Program for Faculty 

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Enrichment grants are available through funding established as a part of the U.S. Department of Education Title III grant, Pathways to Students’ Success: Integrating Academic Support Services for Maximum Student Benefit.  The Pathways Enrichment Grant Program for faculty will fund initiatives to develop new enrichment activities for CUS students (research opportunities, internships, job shadowing, service learning, and honors programming, etc.).  In addition students participating in activities may request support to present projects at regional and national conferences.  Pathways enrichment grants also aim to help students explore possible careers and relate them to their academic experience.  Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis through September 30, 2016.

The Pathways to Success (P2S) Enrichment Grant funds are available for projects which support enrichment experiences for CUS students and which directly impact retention through greater engagement of students with the educational experience at IU.  Any full-time faculty member may apply.  

There are some restrictions: 

  • The project must involve or impact CUS students, provide new opportunities, and be consistent with the goals of the P2S grant.
  • Projects which support enrichment through internships, service learning, honors activities or planning grants to develop such activities will be prioritized.
  • Consideration will be given for projects which have an impact on broader audiences of CUS students or have sustainable aspects for the University. 
  • Satisfaction of standard course requirements is not eligible, nor are stipends for students. 
  • Non-fundable types of expenses include: food, normal office supplies, copying, furnishings, and contracts with third party vendors.
  • Expenses related to international travel are not fundable.

Allowable Use of Funds:

Funds may be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Purchase of equipment for research purposes and supplies for the project.
  • Release time for the principal investigator or limited stipend.
  • Transportation costs, registration fees, speaker’s stipends.

Process for the use of Pathway Enrichment Funds

Form names (highlighted in blue) are linked to actual forms.  Please click on name to access.

  1. Read the Call for Proposals for general information.

  2. Read the Direction sheet, then complete the Cover Form and Application.

  3. Submit the Cover Form and Application by hard copy to the Office of Sponsored Rearch (VM 234).

  4. The completed forms are reviewed by the Enrichment Committee.

  5. The Committee will send an approval letter or ask for clarification and resubmission.

  6. All receipts for expenses incurred and the Request for Payment Form are sent to the Office of Sponsored Research (VM234).

  7. Distribute and collect the Student Evaluation Form and submit to the Office of Sponsored Research.     

  8. Complete the Final Report Form within 30 days of project completion and submit to the Office of Sponsored Research.


The Pathways to Success grant also provides resources for individual student registrations and travel to present work at conferences.

  1. Complete the Preapproval Form for Student Travel to request funds.

  2. All receipts for expenses incurred and the Request for Reimbursement for Student Travel and Conference Registration Form are sent to the Office of Sponsored Research (VM 234).


Faculty may request funds to accompany students to conferences.  If possible, please apply for Faculty Development Funds.  If Faculty Development Funds are not available, please follow the precedure below to request Pathways funding.

  1. To request Pathways funds, submit the completed Pre-Approval Form-Faculty/Advisor Travel to the Office of Sponsored Research (VM 234). 

  1. Upon return from the conference complete the Post-Conference Form-Faculty/Advisor Travel and submit to the Office of Sponsored Research.

  1. All receipts for expenses incurred and the  Request for Payment Form are sent to the Office of Sponsored Research (VM234). 


To apply or receive more information, contact the Office of Sponsored Research  


Leah Bustraan, Secretary of Office of Sponsored Research - Phone: ext. 3037 or Email:


Year 5 Pathways enrichment grant recipients include:

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral & Paley Center - Col. John Church
  • Honors Aesthetics “Community of Learners” - Sr. Judith Parsons 
  • Fall 2015 New York City Trip - Prof. Christine Baeza
  • Hershey Factory Tour - Col. John Church                                                                           
  • New York City Trip - Prof. Christine Baeza & Prof. Colleen Moretz                  
  • Franklin Institute Genghis Khan - Dr. Stephanie Theodorou & Dr. William Watson    
  • Trip to Whitaker Surgery Center to See “Surgery Live” - Prof. Anne Marie McCauley 
  • Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Clinical Symposium - Dr. Kelly Stalker  
  • Constitution Center/Immigration Debate - Dr. Elizabeth Faunce    
  • Devon Bowling Lanes - Col. John Church
  • Mid-Atlantic Region Music Therapy Association Conference - Dr. Lillian Eyre
  • Athletic Training Month in NYC - Dr. Kelly Stalker
  • Spring 2016 Factory Trip - Prof. Christine Baeza
  • Philadelphia Flyers College Business & Sports Management/Communications Night - Dr. Elizabeth Faunce 
  • Enactus Regional Competition 2016 - Dr. Charlene Fitzwater 
  • Pennsylvania Athletic Training Society Student Symposium - Dr. Michelle Monaco 
  • 93rd Annual Pennsylvania Family & Consumer Sciences Conference: FACS & STEM – Recipe for Life - Sr. Denise Mollica
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation Trip - Prof. Michael Castaldi 
  • Experiencing Spain in Philadelphia - Dr. Marisa Pereyra  
  • Enactus National Expo 2016 - Dr. Charlene Fitzwater 


Students Presenting at Conferences – Title III Grant                                                                                                                                      

Research Group Presentation at National American Chemical Society in San Diego, CA - Dr. James Murray

Attendance with Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the PA Academy of Science - Dr. Carl Pratt/Dr. Kelly Orlando


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