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Immaculata welcomed National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholars

From July 11th - July 29th 2016, 29 middle and high school teachers from school districts across the country participated in a summer institute funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. During the institute, entitled "Duffy's Cut: Investigating Immigration, Industrialization, and Illness in 19th Century America, 'A Perfect Storm,'" scholars engaged in vigorous discussions about this critical time period in American and Irish history and developed projects to incorporate key themes into curricula in history, social studies, literature, music, language arts, and the sciences.

For more information about this program, please see the summer institute website.

Faculty Research


Dr. Kelly Orlando's sponsored research

Dr. Kelly Orlando, assistant professor of biology, along with colleague Dr. Dennis Wykoff, associate professor of biology at Villanova University, published a paper in the Biochemical Journal titled:  A paralog of the phosphomutase-like gene family in Candida glabrata, CgPmu2, gained broad-range phosphatase activity due to a small number of clustered substitutions  Dr. Orlando is currently collaborating with Dr. Wykoff and Dennis M. Cook, Endowed Gregor Mendel Chair in Genetics at Villanova University, on a three-year National Science Foundation grant titled “RUI: Evolution of Signal Transduction Pathways in Yeast.”


Dr. Lillian Eyre and Dr. Andrea Hunt, music therapy professors at Immaculata, presented a research study titled "The Effects of Music and Imagery on Professional Burnout" at the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM). Hosted by Immaculata University’s Department of Music Therapy, July 24-27, 2015, the conference featured a keynote address by Dr. Arthur Harvey, University of Miami, along with several concerts. The conference culminated with Brazilian dancers who demonstrated, through dance, the experience of living with and overcoming breast cancer. 


Dr. Stephanie Theodorou, Department of Philosophy, spent the summer undertaking a book review on cross-disciplinary work in science, neuroscience, religion, and philosophy (East and West), which coincided with her work on her own book proposal project. Dr. Theodorou will present at a conference at Lehigh University in October, examining the area of overlap between hermeneutic theory, continental phenomenology and neuroscience. 


Dr. Peggy Schooling, Division of Education, presented "Developing Metacognition Skills through Reflection Activities using the Five E’s Instructional Model" at the Immaculata Math Science Partnership Conference, July 28-August 6, 2015. She also attended Northeast Education Services Cooperative workshops in Devils Lake, North Dakota titled "Implementing the Framework for Teaching," and "The Art and Science of Teaching-Overview of the Framework." Additionally, Peggy attended a workshop presented by the Grand Forks Public Schools, Grand Forks, North Dakota titled "Instructional Rounds: Providing Feedback that Grows Teachers.”


Sr. J. Sheila Galligan, IHM, professor of theology, published an article titled, C.S. Lewis:  The “Real Tussle” of Forgiveness, in the August 2015 issue of the American Theological Inquiry Journal. In pursuing her Doctor of Sacred Theology she delved into the writings of C.S. Lewis.  Sister Sheila is currently exploring questions and issues linked with the topic of forgiveness and is interested in delving more deeply into the contemporary behavioral research on the means, processes and effects of forgiveness. Sister Sheila has published articles in various religious and educational journals and is actively engaged in researching and promoting respect for life.   





Student Research


Chemistry and biology students at Pennsylvania Academy of the SciencesOn April 2, 2016, with funding from a Pathways grant, Dr. Carl Pratt and Dr. Kelly Orlando brought two IU students, Ashley Gonzalez and Kate Starr, to the Pennsylvania Academy of Science at Delaware Valley University to present their research findings. The title of their presentation was “Neofunctionalization of Candida glabrata PMU3 and the newly discovered importance of region 2 in the PMU gene family.”

undergraduate research in Harrisburg, Rosendo Villafuerte-Vega with Duane Milne


Representative Duane Milne congratulates Rosendo Villafuerte-Vega on his research during Undergraduate Research at the Capitol in Harrisburg on April 5, 2016. Rosendo presented a poster titled, "Molecular Aesthetics: Exploring the Beauty of Visual Representations in Chemistry." Faculty mentor Sister Judith Parsons, IHM, Ph.D. served as an advisor for the project.


Katie Schriver, education major, along with faculty mentor, Diane Grimes, associate professor of art, presented a poster at the UCDA Design Education Summit, May 17-19, 2015 at the University of South Dakota.  Katie’s research entailed using art applications on a tablet versus the use of an iPad for students in a special needs class.


Students Dylan Chudoff, Tao Ope, Pamela Myers, Katelyn Starr, Brittany Sturvidant, and Krystal Tolson presented undergraduate research at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. This year’s conference was held from April 10-12, 2015 on the campus of Lebanon Valley College. The students were accompanied by Dr. Kelly Orlando and Dr. Carl Pratt, Department of Biology. 

Ashley Gonzalez, a junior biology major, spent her summer of 2015 conducting research with Dr. Dennis Wykoff at Villanova University.  A grant through the National Science Foundation provides laboratory supplies for Ashley to continue her research here at Immaculata during the academic year. Dr. Kelly Orlando, Department of Biology is a consultant on the NSF grant. 



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