Program Overview

A psychology degree from Immaculata will prepare you for an entry-level position in social or human services, business, or education, or for graduate studies. You will gain an understanding of the major areas of psychology, psychological research methods, and how this knowledge translates into real-world clinical and research settings. Immaculata's program will help you investigate human behavior, explore the relationship between the mind and the body, and understand counseling theories. 

You can develop a course of study that will best suit your career needs. You can choose to complement your knowledge of psychology with a variety of minors, such as social work, sociology, or business.

As you progress through the program, it is our mission to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need, and to deepen your understanding of the nature and dignity of humanity.

Program Highlights

  • Gain work experience through internships in a variety of contexts.
  • Participate in research projects with psychology faculty, exploring topics such as psychotherapy, developmental disabilities, stress reduction, the integration of psychology and spirituality, and child development.
  • Join the Psychology Club and get real-life experience in psychology through community outreach, scientific research, and program leadership.
  • Earn a 3.0 GPA and join the Psi Chi Honor Society, which seeks to encourage scholarship and advance the science of psychology.

As a psychology major, you can become competent in:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Analytical and quantitative skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Showing empathy
  • Conducting research and analyzing and explaining the results
  • Understanding human development and behavior

Career Potential

If graduate study is your intention, Immaculata offers a variety of graduate certificates and master's and doctoral programs in psychology.

If immediate employment is your goal, you may seek employment in a multitude of careers, including:

Social or Human Services

  • Admission counselor
  • Case worker
  • Child protection worker
  • Community organizer
  • Development officer
  • Employment counselor
  • Family services worker
  • Gerontology aide
  • Group home coordinator
  • Hospital patient service representative
  • Life skills counselor
  • Mental health counselor
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Probation or corrections officer
  • Rehabilitation officer
  • Residential counselor
  • Social worker
  • Volunteer coordinator


  • Arbitrator
  • Community relations officer
  • Consultant
  • Customer relations representative
  • Employee relations assistant
  • Event planner
  • Hotel manager
  • Human resources recruiter
  • Insurance agent
  • Management trainee
  • Marketing researcher
  • Personnel administrator
  • Public information officer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Sales representative
  • Staff training and development specialist
  • Task force coordinator


  • Behavior analyst
  • Grant/report writer
  • Research analyst
  • Research assistant
  • Statistical assistant
  • Social policy researcher
  • Urban planning research assistant


  • Academic advisor
  • Camp staff director
  • Career counselor
  • Day care center supervisor
  • Early education specialist
  • Guidance counselor
  • Housing/student life coordinator
  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Youth director

Salary Ranges

  • Entry-level positions (B.A. degree) range from $31,000 - $45,000
  • Master's and doctoral level salaries range from $43,000 - $70,000


View the course sequence sheet for Psychology.


Internships are strongly recommended because graduate schools and employers show the most interest in graduates with practical experience. The Psychology Department has selected a variety of sites for students to choose from, including outpatient and residential treatment facilities that focus on addiction, traumatic brain injury, and developmental disabilities; senior centers; and industrial-organizational consulting firms.

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