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Program Overview

Immaculata’s major in theology offers you an opportunity to explore and deepen your faith while acquiring a solid, foundational understanding of the Catholic theological tradition.  The program will enable you to share and explain the substance of Christian belief in personal, religious, or professional settings.  It will also prepare you to engage in critical reflection about contemporary threats to human dignity and to envision ways of transforming our world in keeping with values and commitments that are coherent with a Christian theological vision.

The balanced curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to theology while giving you flexibility to tailor your theological studies according to your interests.  Courses are regularly offered in the areas of Scripture, systematic theology, spirituality, moral theology, and theology and culture.  Whether you choose to major in theology for professional or personal reasons, you will find it easy to pursue your interests while being assured of a well-rounded theological education.

If you meet the requirements for membership, you may participate in Immaculata's local chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa (TAK), a national honor society for students of theology and religious studies.

Program Highlights

  • An academic forum for gaining a deeper understanding of faith and exploring contemporary cultural, political, and social issues in light of faith and reason.
  • A transformative learning experience that builds a foundation for lifelong theological, spiritual, and ethical reflection and learning.
  • A flexible program that prepares you for a career in religious education or ministry or for graduate study in the theological disciplines.
  • An opportunity to develop skills of critical thinking that are important for every area of human endeavor.
  • A classroom environment that is conducive to dialogue, inquiry, and the development and deepening of theological understanding.
  • Faculty with broad professional expertise and interests who take a student-centered, holistic approach to education.
  • An educational culture marked by respect for denominational diversity.

Career Potential

Majoring in theology can prepare you for a variety of professional paths.  Some graduates pursue careers in teaching in Catholic schools or in some kind of religious ministry.  Others pursue graduate work in theology or a related academic field.  Still others pursue work as directors of religious education, campus ministers, coordinators of youth ministry, or pastoral administrators or associates.

Some students choose theology as a supplementary major, because theology’s focus on the central questions of human existence complements and extends their commitment to their first major in science, psychology, business, or some other field.  Professional schools increasingly appreciate how such a balanced preparation enhances a candidate’s profile.


The program's 33 credits consist of the following.

Five required courses:

  • THE 109 Introduction to Theology
  • THE 110 Introduction to the Bible
  • THE 218 Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • THE 222 Faith Alive: Catholic Belief and Practice
  • THE 306 Signs, Symbols, Sacraments: Christian Prayer and Worship

One course from each of the following clusters:

  • Scripture: THE 311, 312, 321
  • Spirituality: THE 206, 226, 227, 235, 328
  • Systematic Theology: THE 209, 211, 221, 224, 340
  • Moral Theology: THE 217, 317, 342

Two elective courses

View the course sequence sheet for the B.A. in Theology.

"Doubling my major by adding theology was definitely the best decision I made at Immaculata. It was easy to do because students are already required to take a few theology courses, so my schedule wasn't too difficult to create. I enjoyed filling as much of my schedule each semester with theology courses, taking even more than I needed to complete the major. Some of my favorite courses were Images of Jesus, Christian Marriage and Family, Forgiveness, and Theological Anthropology. (It was difficult to narrow it down to a few!) Studying theology constantly gave me new perspectives on life and college and helped me grow in faith and knowledge of leading a life of faith. I loved every second!"

–Lucia Pasternak '17


Internship opportunities are arranged with individual students according to their interest and the availability of openings.

Learning Outcomes

Fulfilling the requirements of the B.A. in Theology enables you to:

  • Acquire a sound foundational understanding of Christian revelation and heritage in light of the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Demonstrate and display fundamental knowledge in the areas of biblical, systematic, moral, and sacramental theology
  • Become proficient in relating and applying theological principles to the reality of contemporary life
  • Address cultural, political, and social issues in meaningful ways in light of faith and reason
  • Exercise leadership in ministering to others and in addressing the needs of the contemporary church and world

Embedded within these program outcomes are more specific core theology outcomes that all undergraduates pursue in connection with Immaculata’s liberal arts core curriculum.

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