Theology is an integral component of your educational program at Immaculata University. Theology illuminates the relationship between faith and reason and establishes a bridge between faith and life. The Immaculata Theology Program explores and explains the Catholic Christian faith in light of contemporary issues and patterns of thought. Theological studies enable you to address the cultural, political, economic and sociological changes and challenges which influence your personal and professional life.

"Theology plays a particularly important role in the search for a synthesis of knowledge as well as in the dialogue between faith and reason."

Pope John Paul II, On Catholic Universities

The Immaculata University Theology Department invites you to join us in spirited dialogue and rigorous academic inquiry so that you may, in the words of St. Augustine, "see by the light of reason what you now hold by faith."

The Theology Department's goals are:

  • To teach students to explore Christian revelation and heritage in the light of Catholic intellectual tradition
  • To provide an academic curriculum in the areas of biblical, systematic, moral and sacramental theology
  • To promote effective appreciation of prayer, ministry and Gospel proclamation
  • To correlate the experience of learning with the reality of contemporary life

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Immaculata University is a Catholic, comprehensive, coeducational institution founded by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
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