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Sociology and Criminology degrees

What is Sociology?

Sociology is a field of study, a social science that examines the way that human beings interact with one another in society and how organizations behave. It provides essential background and foundational critical thinking skills for those interested in entering the helping professions and working with groups in society that are different or that require special interventions. It prepares students for careers in the business, international relations, urban planning, state government, policy and gerontology fields. More than any other major, it prepares students to examine how issues of diversity, social values and ways in which social change occur become connected to the ways in which society, social institutions and organizations are structured and shaped by culture.


Why study Criminology?

The pursuit of a degree in criminology opens three career paths: preparation for graduate school and a career as a teaching or research criminologist; preparation for law school and a legal career; preparation for entry into the field of criminal justice. Whether choosing a career in law and advocacy, management and personnel, or any of the allied criminal justice fields, an education from Immaculata University's Sociology/Criminology/Social Work Department will provide students with an opportunity to practice a commitment to social justice.


Course Sequence Sheets

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