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The Criminology major includes 45 required credits: six core credits, 21 credits in sociology, three credits in psychology, and 15 elective credits. View the full course sequence sheet.

Sociology and psychology courses

SOC 202: Principles of Sociology (core social science requirement)
SOC 307: Criminology
SOC 312: Sociology of Deviance
SOC 314: Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 317: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 321: Social Theory (core social science requirement)
SOC 345: Social Problems: A World at Risk
SOC 352: Seminar I: Methods
SOC 354: Seminar II: Field Research
PSY 208: Statistics


Three-credit electives

Choose five from the following courses.

SOC 213: Adolescent Addiction
SOC 247: High Tech Crime
SOC 248: Criminal Courts
SOC 264: Victimology
SOC 250: Working with Adolescents
SOC 255: Organized Crime
SOC 256: Serial Killers
SOC 275: Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC 343: Field Practicum I (strongly recommended)
SOC 346: Field Practicum II (strongly recommended)
SOC 348: Police and Society
SOC 402/403: CSI, Crime Scene Investigation

One-credit electives

Any three of these can replace one of the three-credit electives listed above.

SOC 200: White Collar Crime
SOC 200: First Responder Crisis Management
SOC 200: Corrections: Inside Prison
SOC 200: Anatomy of a Criminal Trial
SOC 200: Introduction to Probation and Parole
SOC 200: Interview and Interrogation Techniques
SOC 200: History of Prisons and Punishment
SOC 200: International Crime

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