Criminology Curriculum

The criminology major includes 45 required credits. All students take six core credits and three credits in psychology. Students in the College of Undergraduate Studies take 27 SOC credits and nine elective credits, while students in the College of LifeLong Learning take 21 SOC credits and 15 elective credits.

Sociology and psychology courses

SOC 202: Principles of Sociology (core social science requirement)
SOC 307: Criminology
SOC 312: Sociology of Deviance
SOC 314: Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 317: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 321: Social Theory (Core Social Science requirement)
SOC 343: Field Practicum I *
SOC 345: Social Problems: A World at Risk
SOC 346: Field Practicum II *
SOC 352: Seminar I: Methods
SOC 354: Seminar II: Field Research
PSY 208: Statistics

Required for CUS; recommended elective for CLL students*

Three-credit electives

SOC 213: Adolescent Addiction
SOC 247: High Tech Crime
SOC 248: Criminal Courts
SOC 348: Police and Society
SOC 250: Working with Adolescents
SOC 255: Organized Crime
SOC 256: Serial Killers
SOC 275: Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC 348: Police and Society
SOC 402/403: CSI, Crime Scene Investigation

One-credit electives

SOC 200: White Collar Crime
SOC 200: Crisis Management in Law Enforcement
SOC 200: Corrections: Inside Prison
SOC 200: Anatomy of a Criminal Trial
SOC 200: Introduction to Probation and Parole
SOC 200: Law Enforcement Statement Analysis
SOC 200: History of Prisons and Punishment

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