Dr. Peter Rondinaro

Dr. Peter Rondinaro
Professor of Psychology
Loyola Hall 341
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Ph. D., Temple University

M.S., Duquesne University

B.A., Duquesne University

Teaching Philosophy: 

Attending college is an exciting and challenging journey.  Many students enter college with a dream of earning their degree and rapidly recognize that hard work is required to achieve that dream.  It is true that at the university level the work is very demanding, yet the rewards are truly significant.  As a professor of psychology I want to assist my students in realizing their dreams.

For me, being an educator goes far beyond the confines of the classroom.  I certainly seek to be current and knowledgeable in my subject area, and I also understand that I can serve as a mentor and professional resource for my students.  My main objective is to assist my students to be highly prepared for the next step in their academic and/or professional career.  To that end, I believe in an educational philosophy which supports the notion that most people are capable of and excited about learning.  In concert with this philosophy, I do my best to encourage students to think, reflect, and solve problems in meeting their academic challenges. 

In addition, I encourage students to strive for excellence.  I want them to acknowledge that working up to their full potential is a rich and rewarding experience.  Fulfilling their potential means not only achieving their life goals but also feeling confident that they are capable of being meaningful contributors to society.  My reward as an educator is to accept that heartfelt handshake of gratitude on commencement day that says, “Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.”


Dr. Rondinaro has taught at Immaculata since 1998, and he has 32 years of experience in educational and clinical settings in a variety of roles, including: professor of psychology, licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist, college administrator and program developer.  He has served as a board member and has experience chairing numerous committees.

Courses Taught: 
  • PSY 324 – Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 101 – Foundations of Psychology
  • PSY 357 – Sport Psychology
  • PSY 307 – Social Psychology
  • PSY 200 – Self-esteem and Achievement
  • HPM 356 – Managing Employee Stress
  • HPM 307 – Adult Development
  • PSY 320 – Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 312 – Personality Theories
  • HPM 301 – Group Dynamics
  • HPM 304 – Organizational Communication
  • PSY 200 – The High Cost of Perfectionism
  • PSY 250 – Health Psychology
  • PSY 327 – Positive Psychology (Honors)
  • PSY 219 – Applied Psychology

Teaching experience:

  • Cabrini College, Radnor, PA; Adjunct (1989 – 1999)
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA; Adjunct (1989 – 1995)
  • Spring Garden College, Philadelphia, PA; Adjunct (1987 – 1992)

Other professional experience:

  • Licensed Psychologist (1994 – present)
  • Chair, Undergraduate Psychology Department, Immaculata University (2005 – 2008)
  • Private Practice (1994 – 2005)
  • Licensed Psychologist – The Guardian Group, Inc., Plymouth Meeting, PA (1995 – 1997)
  • Colonial North Hampton Intermediate Unit, Easton, PA (1995 – 1998)
  • Director of Student Development, Spring Garden College, Philadelphia, PA (1978 – 1992)
  • School Psychologist - Salem School District, Salem, New Jersey (1977 – 1978)
  • School Psychologist - Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, Wallingford, PA (1975 – 1977)
  • Primary editor of ACCEL program modules overseen by the Psychology Department (1999 - 2007)
  • The pressure to be perfect: What is being perfect costing you? (2006)
  • Perceptions of cooperative learning in the classroom (2005)
  • The role of interpersonal multiple intelligence on the usage of cooperative learning teaching methods (2003)
  • The Cooperative Learning Survey (2001)
  • The effects of cooperative learning teaching strategies on test anxiety and satisfaction with school (1999)
  • Usage of Cooperative Learning (2012)
  • Sustaining Motivation (2012)
  • Strategies in Sport Psychology (2010)
  • Attitude, Optimism and Success (Immaculata University, 2007)
  • Confidentiality – Setting Boundaries (Immaculata University, 2007)
  • Identifying and Managing Stress: An Interactive Approach (Immaculata University, 2006)
  • Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors in Optimal Wellness (Immaculata University, 2005)
  • Self Esteem and the Adult Learner (The National Conference of Adult Learners on Campus, 2004)
  • Behaviors that Promote Health, Nutrition and Fitness (Immaculata University, 2004)
  • Mind, Body, and Spirit (Immaculata University, 2004)
  • Know your Multiple Intelligence Act 48 Workshop (State College Area School District, 2001)
  • Team Cohesion (Saint Basil Academy, 2001)
  • Time Management (Immaculata University, 2001)
  • Managing Workplace Stress (Cabrini College, 1997)
  • Adolescent Development (Valley Forge Military Academy, 1996)

Conferences attended:

  • Families in Crisis: Strategies for Defusing, Defining and Problem Solving (2011)
  • Happiness: How Positive Psychology Changes Our Lives (2011)
  • Boundaries for Psychologists (2011)
  • The Psychology of Forgiveness (2009)
  • Anxiety and Panic; The “Best of the Best” Treatment Techniques (2009)
  • Why We Worry:  Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders (2009)
  • Understanding Behavior and Communication Styles (2008)
  • College Student Mental Health:  Information and Suggestions for Academic Advising (2007)
  • Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (2007)
  • Psychological Dynamics of Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder (2007)
  • Today’s Professional and Ethical Problems (2007)
  • Understanding the Connection between Advising and Student Success (Webinar, 2007)
  • Counseling Couples:  What Works, What Doesn’t Work (2006)
  • Strategic Therapy For Comorbid Anxiety and Depression (2006)
  • And It’s All Your Fault: Mastering the New Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy (2005)
  • Bringing CIT To Life (2005)
  • Colleague Assistance and Ethics:  Knowing What To Do vs. Doing What We Know (2005)
Professional Memberships: 
  • American Psychological Association
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association
  • American Association of University Professors

Professional Service:

  • Board of Directors – College Consortium on Drugs and Alcohol (Treasurer)
  • Chair – Sub-Committee of Middle States
  • Chair – Residence Council
  • Chair – Food Service Committee
  • Member – Education Committee
  • Member – Search Committee for new Dean
  • Member – Search Committee for Director of Curriculum
  • Member – Task Force for Student Evaluations
  • Member – Community Advocacy Board – Northwest  Center for Mental Health
  • Member – Task Force on Recruiting and Retention
  • Member – Human Relations Committee
  • Member – Orientation Committee
  • Member – Philadelphia Speakers Bureau
  • Member – SEPCHE Speakers Bureau
  • Consultant – Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee
  • Special Recruiter – Admissions Department
  • Member – Peer Review Team (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
  • Member – College of Lifelong Learning Policy Task Force
  • Member – Undergraduate Curriculum and CUS Policy Committee
  • Member – University Awards Committee
  • Member – Tasks Free for Title III Evaluation
  • Member – Academic Personnel Committee
  • Member – Search Committee for New Librarian
  • Head Golf Coach (men)
  • Head Tennis Coach (women)

"The Role of Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence on the Usage of Cooperative Learning"

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