Philosophy involves reflection on and understanding of all phases of human activity. The courses offered by the department are concerned with such topics as the nature of knowledge, reality, society, moral judgments, politics, religion, as well as art and aesthetic experience, science and value.  

Students consider philosophical issues and hypotheses relating to the basic principles, methodologies, and concepts which underlie, integrate, and compete in all areas of inquiry. Further, students are given the opportunity to study the philosophical problems involved in their fields of concentration and at the same time, to become familiar with their philosophic heritage: ancient and medieval, modern and contemporary.  

The philosophy curriculum attempts to meet the needs of three types of students:

  • those who wish to use philosophy as the basis for unifying their liberal arts studies;
  • those who desire to pursue an advanced degree in philosophy;
  • those who wish to pursue further professional study: e.g., law, government, social work, political science, theology, or medicine.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Joe Healey and Ms. Emily Degnan at a reception celebrating Healey's publication of "The Last Lectures of William E. Carlo."

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