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This is about you—your transformation and how you can transform others.

Immaculata University's Organization Leadership programs provide practical personal and professional development for current leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles. We focus on helping you develop key leadership and business skills that are relevant in any industry or work setting. With these skills, you can motivate yourself and inspire others to higher levels of performance.
For the latest thinking on leadership in the highest performing organizations, view this article by Janice Jacobs, Ph.D., professor and department chair.

M.A. in Organization Leadership

While MBA programs cover management disciplines with emphasis on quantitative skills, here you learn and practice leadership skills including recognizing opportunities to lead, engaging and motivating individuals and groups, and how and why followers choose the people to lead them.  You gain a greater skill bank to leverage cultural diversity.  Strategies of leadership, conflict, negotiation, critical thinking, ethics, power, decision-making, change management, and how to manage information and technology, among other topics, are addressed.  

Organizational Effectiveness Certificate

The 16 credits required to earn this certificate are designed for the working professional who wants to sharpen their skills in a certain area of expertise.  In particular, the certificate will help you to become adept in your interpersonal and group skills and to lead teams and facilitate change at the organizational level.  Or you will learn a coaching process to lead change at the individual level with greater discipline and competence.  

Completing our programs will transform you by developing personal attributes and characteristics of ethical leadership, including:

  • Developing your leadership vision and style
  • Leading change through complex and turbulent times
  • Engaging yourself and others to perform at higher levels
  • Building better relationships evidenced by enhanced communication, collaboration and conflict utilization
  • Strengthening business judgment demonstrated through better problem-solving and decision-making

The master’s degree and the certificate in organizational effectiveness are guided by the competencies for change agents set forth by the American Management Association (AMA).

Learn more about our programs at one of these upcoming events. Immaculata University is conveniently located on the Main Line between Malvern and Exton, 20 miles west of Philadelphia and close to the Great Valley business area.

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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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