Dietetic Internship

Immaculata's M.A. in Nutrition Education with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Dietetic Internship integrates your academic experience with the medical and dietetic expertise of local health care facilities. The supervised practice component addresses the evolving nature of the field, preparing you to translate theories of nutrition science, and helping you develop strong entry-level dietetic skills.

You will be required to complete a 48-credit program consisting of the core requirements (nine credits) and the following concentration requirements and nutrition electives.  



Course Number Course Name
Core Requirements (9 credits) 
GEN 501      Human Development
or GEN 505 Adult Human Development
GEN 502 Methods of Research
GEN 503 Interpersonal Relations
Concentration Requirements (37 credits)
NED 599 Comprehensive Examination in Nutrition Education (0 credits)
NED 641 Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism: Macronutrients
NED 642 Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism: Regulatory Nutrients
NED 644 Nutrition in the Life Cycle
NED 645 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NED 653 Health Counseling
NED 655 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NED 659 Preparation for Internship
NED 662-664

NED 680

Internship Experience in Nutrition I,II, III (9 credits)

Principles of Nutrition Education (1 credit)

NED 689 Introduction to Nutrition Research
NED 690 Thesis Seminar in Nutrition Education
Nutrition Electives (2 credits)
NED 511 Special Topics in Nutrition (1-3 credits)
NED 601 Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy  
NED 620 Sports Nutrition
NED 643 Community Nutrition
NED 648 Independent Study
HCA 620 Marketing Health Care Services
HCA 621 Health Ethics
HCA 630 Health Economics

Note: Additional coursework may be required to meet Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  Didactic Program in Dietetics verification requirements. Other electives may be permitted with the written approval of the department chair. For more information about the master’s degree in nutrition education, please contact Dr. Laura Frank at or 610-647-4400 ext. 3482.

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