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Rotation Descriptions

Clinical (68 days)

During the clinical rotation, interns progress from screening and assessing patients to providing medical nutrition therapy to patients with complex medical conditions. Interns function as members of the interdisciplinary health care team. The rotation culminates in staff relief, when the intern performs as an entry-level dietitian. Major projects include completion of two case studies. The clinical rotation is completed in acute care hospitals or medical centers and includes at least two days of outpatient and four days of clinical pediatrics.


Foodservice (44 days)

The foodservice rotation provides experience in all aspects of foodservice operations and management. The interns participate in all foodservice sub-systems including: procurement, production, distribution, service, and sanitation. Interns function as members of the management team through their involvement in employee training programs, human resource functions, quality control and customer satisfaction. Major projects include the development and implementation of a product, program or service plan and the completion of a QI project.


Community (38 days)

The community rotation provides exposure to the role of the dietitian in providing nutrition education, medical nutrition therapy, and management in non-acute care settings. Interns work in long-term care facilities, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinics, school districts and supermarkets. The final eight days are at a setting (with the approval of the internship director) of the intern's choice.

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