Nursing at Immaculata

Nursing Concentration Courses

NURS 621 Role Development for Advanced Nursing Practice (3 credits)

Advanced nursing roles will be analyzed in terms of their major components (consultant, change agent, clinician, educator, mentor, researcher, leader and manager) within the context of changing educational institutions and the health care delivery system. The process of socialization into the advanced nursing role is explored, and strategies for effective role implementation and evaluation are discussed. Practical strategies for role transition and development will be reviewed.


NURS 625 Health Care Policy & Politics (3 credits)

Focuses on the social, political, and economic factors that influence health policy decisions. Students will examine the legal, ethical, financial, and political foundations of the health care delivery system and its function as a social institution. The role of the nurse in advanced practice in influencing policy decisions and in addressing the needs of vulnerable and culturally diverse populations will be emphasized.


NURS 640 Advanced Health Assessment (3 credits)

Provides the advanced knowledge and skills for holistic health assessment within the context of advanced nursing practice. This course emphasizes the collection, interpretation, and synthesis of relevant historical, genetic, biological, cultural, psychosocial, and physical data for the development of a comprehensive and holistic health assessment. Evidence-based practice concepts related to health promotion/disease prevention are addressed.


NURS 655 Nursing Research (3 credits)

Expanding on the research competencies developed in GEN 502, this course focuses on the nursing research process and evidence-based practice. The historical, scientific, and theoretical context of nursing research is examined and current issues are analyzed. The use of scientific evidence to improve nursing practice and patient outcomes is emphasized. Ethical issues involved in the conduction of research are also explored.  (Prerequisite: GEN 502)


NURS 690 MSN Capstone (2 credits theory; 1 credit guided field work)

Action research is presented as a methodology to critically analyze and reflect on practice.  In a field experience, students develop and implement an action research project utilizing knowledge and skills acquired from all graduate courses. Students present their capstone project to a professional audience at course end. (Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required courses)