Nursing at Immaculata

Nursing Mission and Philosophy

The Division of Nursing, in accordance with Immaculata’s mission, strives to develop a truly educated person who is values-oriented and committed to truth, justice, service, and peace. The Division of Nursing seeks to stimulate the expansion of personal and professional consciousness from a holistic perspective within a Christ-centered academic environment. 
The faculty members of the Division of Nursing guide students in the process of scientific inquiry and the development of research to expand nursing knowledge. The students are challenged to develop as leaders and innovators who impact the nursing profession and the global health care system. The faculty value the individual uniqueness of each student and strive to create an atmosphere that promotes the development of the whole person with consideration for the physical, intellectual, social, moral, aesthetic, and spiritual nature of humans.
The faculty embrace a holistic Christian worldview that views all humans as composed of mind, body, and spirit, and they believe these components are intertwined and inseparable. The faculty also believe that humans are cultural beings who are unique, who have worth and dignity, and who interact continually in a changing environment. 
The faculty believe that nursing is an art and a science that incorporates the physical, psychological, and social sciences, and the humanities into its practice. Nursing is the use of self in assisting persons to promote, restore, and maintain health, and to die in comfort and with dignity. Nursing necessitates the development of a sense of equity, justice, freedom, dignity, group membership, community, and the encompassing environment.