Sister Ann Heath, IHM, Ph.D.Sister Ann Heath, IHM, Ph.D.

Higher Education Ed.D. Program Director
Specialties: academic affairs, accreditation, graduate education
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College


April Herring, Ed.D.April Herring, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Higher Education, Immaculata University
Specialties: history of higher education, student affairs, access, retention, equity, organization dynamics
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania


Janet Kane, Ed.D.

Professor of Psychology & Higher Education, Immaculata University
Specialties: human development, teaching, & administration
Ed.D., Johns Hopkins University

Jacqueline Conforti Barnett, J.D.

Governor’s Office of General Counsel, Assistant Counsel, Department of Environmental Protection
Specialties: higher education law, policy, & executive leadership & governance
J.D., Dickinson School of Law

Christine Cavanaugh, Ed.D.

President & Executive Coach, Pathseekers II, Inc.
Specialties: ethics, leadership, organizational development, & executive coaching
Ed.D., University of West Florida

Peter Garland, Ed.D.

Executive Vice Chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Specialties: administration & public policy
Ed.D., Pennsylvania State University

Chris Heasley, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Housing, Drexel University
Specialties: mixed methods research, student affairs, residential life, community building
Ed.D., St. Joseph’s University

Ann Jablonski, RSCJ, Ph.D.

Faculty member, Walden University and retired faculty member, Marywood University
Specialties: teaching and learning, assessment, & program evaluation
Ph.D., Fordham University               

The Honorable Carmen Jordan-Cox, Ph.D.

Justice of the  Peace/Magistrate, State of Delaware
Specialties: higher education law, applied ethics, public policy, leadership, & change processes
Ph.D., Boston College

Robert Alan Leffers, Ed.D.

Adjunct faculty member, Immaculata University
Specialties: higher education law, student affairs, & counseling
Ed.D., University of Virginia

Dayna Levy, Ed.D.

Director, Career & Professional Development, Bryn Mawr College
Specialties: human development, career development, and adult learning

Kathleen McKee, Ph.D.

Faculty member, Ed.D. program in Higher Education, Walden University
Specialties: administration, leadership, and teaching
Ph.D., Drexel University

Steady Moono, Ed.D.

President, Schenectady County Community College
Specialties:  leadership, student affairs, research
Ed.D., Immaculata University

Greg Nayor, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Daemen College
Specialties: research, change, leadership
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Thomas O’Brien, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Dean of College of Graduate Studies, Immaculata University
Specialties: research, ethics, administration
P.h.D., Southwest University
Ed.D., Immaculata University

Marcia Parris, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean of College of Graduate Studies, Immaculata University
Specialties: research, administration, marketing, & recruitment
Ed.D., Immaculata University

Mary-Elaine Perry, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, St. Joseph’s University
Specialties: student life, change and innovation in higher education, administration
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

Rena Palloff, Ph.D.

Director, M.A. of Online Teaching and Learning, Fielding Graduate University
Specialties: curriculum, instruction, teaching, online program planning and course delivery
Ph.D., Fielding Graduate University

Daniel Sewell, Ph.D.

Consultant, Change Makers Partners
Specialties: research, administration, program and institutional assessment & accreditation
Ph.D., University of Louisiana

John D. Stafford, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Development and Engagement, Immaculata University
Specialties:  public policy, law, student affairs, administration
Ed.D., Widener University

Angela Tekely, Ed.D.

Dean, College of LifeLong Learning, Immaculata University
Specialties: administration, adult learning
Ed.D., Morgan State University

W. Douglas Zander, Ed.D.

Director, Office of Admissions, University of Delaware
Specialties: enrollment management, student success, student affairs
Ed.D., Temple University


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