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Program Overview

Immaculata’s higher education doctoral program inspires and equips insightful, ethical administrators and faculty leaders. If you aspire to be a leader who serves directly in an administrative role, or an educator with direct academic responsibilities, this program will provide the perfect balance of theoretical structure and application-to-practice.

Throughout the curriculum you will focus on topics such as:

  • Current higher education issues
  • History and philosophy of higher education
  • Change theory as applied to higher education
  • Research techniques and applications
  • Fundamental principles of higher education leadership

A capstone internship will give you important practical experience in an area of higher education that most interests you.

Program Highlights

Hybrid Courses

The Doctor of Higher Education program is delivered in a hybrid format that seamlessly blends face-to-face and online delivery, allowing you to experience the intimacy of the classroom as well as the convenience of distance learning.  Each semester consists of 14 weeks with seven of those weeks face-to-face and seven spent in online activities. Two courses are offered each semester and meet on the same night.

The Cohort Model

You will attend classes as part of a cohort, which creates a professional learning community to enhance student-to-student interactions and support throughout the program.  This format is especially helpful for working adults who study part-time and move through the degree program as a cohort within a standard semester framework. Students take six credits per semester in order to maintain cohort status.


Specialization Electives

You will develop an area of specialization (e.g. academic affairs, student engagement, enrollment management) within higher education through the selection of elective courses, independent study courses and topics, the Practicum Experience and dissertation study.  Your academic advisor will work with you to help design an area of specialization that builds upon your interests and career goals.

The Dissertation

The capstone of the Higher Education program is your successful completion of studies in your area of interest.  You will select a chairperson at the start of the dissertation writing process who will work with you until the completion of your study. As a culminating experience, you will defend your research study to a panel of readers and university administrators.

Tuition and Costs

Please see the tuition and fees page for doctoral education courses and related fees.


The higher education foundational concentration provides professional courses addressing leadership, law, finance, advancement, strategic planning, policy, historical context, learning theory, ethics, and the integration and application of technology. The research core provides a solid background in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, culminating in your dissertation study.  The specialty course sequence lends flexibility so that you can focus on a particular area of interest in higher education.

In addition to the flexible electives in administration or teaching and learning, the program offers a concentration in Nursing Education.

View a list of required courses and course descriptions.


The Practicum Experience

The Practicum Experience allows you to hone the knowledge and skills you have developed in the Doctor of Higher Education program. During the 90-hour experience, seasoned professionals offer you personalized professional development opportunities and guidance related to issues and trends impacting higher education.

If you are currently working in higher education, you may complete your practicum in your place of employment. If you are not employed in higher education or are seeking a new opportunity, you will be assisted in finding a placement.

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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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