Secondary School Counselor Certification

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Secondary School Counselor Certification

The combined M.A. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Secondary School Counselor Certification prepares the graduate to work in the field of mental health as well as the school system. The secondary school counselor curriculum emphasizes counseling and consultative strategies for working with secondary school students.  



Statistics (undergraduate) (3) or GEN 517 (1)

Personality [for non-psychology majors: undergraduate (3) or PSYC 517 (1)]



Core Requirements (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
GEN 501 Human Development 3
GEN 502 Methods of Research 3
GEN 503 Interpersonal Relations 3
GEN 600 Comprehensive Examination 0


Required Concentration (51 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
PSYC 599 Comprehensive Examination in Psychology 0
PSYC 604 Group Process 3
PSYC 606 Family Counseling 3
PSYC 607 Treatment of Children and Adolescents 3
PSYC 609 Career and Vocational Counseling 3
PSYC 610 Children with Exceptional Needs 3
PSYC 614 Substance Abuse Educational and Counseling 3
PSYC 617 Ethical and Professional Issues 3
PSYC 640 Diversity Counseling 3
PSYC 641 Assessment for Counselors 3
PSYC 642 Instruction and Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 3
PSYC 654 Principles of Academic Assessment, Instruction and Intervention 3
PSYC 655 School Consultation and Curriculum Design 3
PSYC 668 Counseling Theories and Techniques I 3
PSYC 669 Counseling Theories and Techniques II 3
PSYC 671 Seminar I in Counseling Psychology 3
PSYC 672 Seminar II in Counseling Psychology 3
PSYC 688 Seminar in Secondary School Counseling 3


For more information, contact:
Psy.D. Clinical: Jed Yalof, Psy.D. phone: (610) 647-4400 x3505
M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Sr. Jeannine O'Kane, IHM, Ph.D. phone: (610) 647-4400 x3021
School Psychology: Marie McGrath, Ph.D. phone: (610) 647-4400 x3021


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