Pamela Pressley Abraham, Psy.D.

Dr. Pam Pressley Abraham earned her Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Baylor University. Dr. Abraham is licensed as a psychologist in Pennsylvania, is certified as a school psychologist in Pennsylvania, and is a nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP). She completed an internship at the Children's Medical Center (rotations: pediatric, psychiatric, outpatient) in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Devereux Foundation in the areas of child, adolescent, and family therapy. 


Following postdoctoral training, Dr. Abraham was employed for two years at Bryn Mawr Hospital, Youth Psychotherapy Center as a clinical and school psychologist.  Subsequently, she worked at the Devereux Foundation as the clinical Director of the Mapleton Psychiatric Institute, Hedges Treatment Center, Hideaway, Gatehouse Cottage, and the Beneto Center.  In addition, she consulted to local schools and held a private practice for children, adolescents, and families.  In 1998, she joined Immaculata and teaches in the clinical and school psychology programs. 


Dr. Abraham was an associate editor for the Society of Personality Assessment's Exchange from 2003 to 2008.  She has published in the areas of treatment outcome, assessment, diversity, and psychotherapy. She has presented in the areas of school violence, diversity, prevention, treatment planning, ethics, therapeutic interventions, suicide prevention, multiculturalism, crisis intervention, supervision, child and adolescent treatment, and training of mental health professionals.


Courses Taught 

  • Professional Issues and Ethics
  • Advanced Assessment and Interventions with Children
  • Treatment of Children and Adolescents
  • Consultation and Supervision
  • Social Psychology
  • Diagnostic Practicum and Seminar
  • Advanced Assessment
  • Psychopathology
  • School Psychology Seminar
  • Psychotherapy Practicum and Seminar


Selected Publications

Yalof, J. & Abraham, P. (2009). An integrative approach to assessment supervision. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 73, 188-202.


Abraham, P. (2008). Teaching assessment case conceptualization: Misattribution bias and clinical judgment. Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) Exchange.


Yalof, J., & Abraham, P. (2007). Personality assessment in schools. In S. Smith & L. Handler (Eds)., The clinical assessment of children and adolescents: A practitioner’s guide. Erlbaum: New York.


Abraham, P. (2007). Incorporating dimensionality classification of personality functioning in assessment training. Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) Exchange.


Abraham, P. (2007). Incorporating diversity into assessment courses. Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) Exchange.

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