Vision Statement and Educational Objectives

Vision Statement Music therapy

The Department of Music Therapy will provide comprehensive music therapy education and clinical training through a model rooted in mentorship. The Department will strive to advance the music therapy discipline through ongoing development of theory, practice, and research across a diversity of paradigms and perspectives.

Educational Objectives 

The Master of Arts in Music Therapy prepares students to:

  • Work at an advanced level with a wide range of clients, with a special emphasis on music psychotherapy
  • Understand client needs from a variety of perspectives
  • Utilize advanced music skills for clinical work, and continue growing musically as a professional
  • Practice music therapy with greater self-awareness, and engage in ongoing personal development
  • Utilize the scholarly literature effectively, understand and conduct research, and produce scholarly writing in music therapy
  • Adhere to ethical standards of professional practice in music therapy
  • Serve as leaders within the music therapy field