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Global Languages and Cultures

  • To develop in students a knowledge of and an appreciation for the language and culture of peoples other than their own by means of a program of integration and cooperation for the purpose of better human relations and world peace.
  • To enable students to respond to the challenge of globalization facing our contemporary society by acquiring the ability to interact with the world community and to respond with specialized linguistic training to the needs of international transactions in the global marketplace, in government negotiations, and in social service work.
  • To integrate and synthesize global language education with business education, political science, and other disciplines within the liberal arts.
  • To impart a basic knowledge of the language and content of the great works of ancient and modern authors in their historical setting, recognizing that this heritage impacts the present and future.
  • To prepare students for careers in industry, government, teaching, libraries, translation, and social service.

In support of these aims, Immaculata has installed a fully interactive Learning/Language Laboratory. This Sony lab is tailored especially for world language learning. Connected to the world community via Internet and satellite, this lab also features programming and software for the languages taught at Immaculata. This technology will give you valuable firsthand experience discovering and researching the "global village."

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