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Have you ever wanted to master a second language? Immaculata's Global Languages and Cultures Department can help break down the barriers of communication between you and the world.  

Business, trade, financial markets, communication, travel and technology have all gone global. In an ever-tightening job market and an ever-expanding global economy, being proficient in English just isn't enough. Fluency in another language opens up a range of interesting careers and makes you more competitive in an international market, where knowledge of languages and cultures is vital. International job applicants who are proficient in at least two languages will be at a distinct advantage in the worldwide marketplace. Knowledge of a second language will help to prepare you to live and work as a citizen of the global community.  

Additionally, there is a critical shortage of teachers of world languages and cultures across our nation, and our region is no exception. As a result of the push for state and national standards for world language education, many school districts are putting language study in their elementary and middle school curricula. Teaching our children how to be successful members of the global community of the 21st century will be one of the most important jobs we undertake. Knowledge of a second language can offer you the opportunity to contribute to that success by teaching cultural communication and understanding.  

Immaculata's programs in French and Spanish, foreign language teacher education, and international business can put you in the right place at the right time in today's job market.  

Marisa Pereyra, Department Chair

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