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Vision Statement

The Education Department will foster academic excellence and professional preparation through instruction, programs, and research. Our outstanding faculty provide individual attention to our students, both on and off campus, and we maintain our commitment to those schools and districts with which we partner.

Division Aims

The Education Division develops teachers who:

  • are competent in their field
  • believe in the dignity of their profession
  • realize the obligations, responsibilities, and standards of the teaching profession
  • are interested in the learning process of the individual student
  • are equipped to address educational issues in contemporary society

The Education Division at Immaculata University seeks to promote authentic, knowledgeable, and exemplary professionals by encouraging inquiry, analysis, creativity, and Christian values. The program is designed for prospective educators and those continuing their educational pursuits to develop their individual potentialities while striving for excellence in a noble profession. To that end, studies related to skills, knowledge, values, ethics, and professional standards are provided.  

In addtion to Education majors, the Education Division assists students seeking secondary educational certification and with student teaching, both adult undergraduates and graduate students.

The director of undergraduate education and the division chair work with all departments in the area of teacher certification. The division assists all departmental liaisons, informing them of any certification updates from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as well as assisting in identifying students from the various departments who are seeking certification.

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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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