Program Overview

Immaculata's Gifted Education Endorsement is designed to increase the level of knowledge, expertise and understanding of teachers working with students who are gifted. Through coursework and field experiences, you will gain the knowledge needed to support students’ growth in their areas of academic strength. All courses and field experiences will be grounded in theories of cognitive, social and emotional development and will demonstrate research-based practices.

This endorsement will raise your awareness of the unique characteristics, emotional/social needs, and other challenges and issues associated with gifted students. The program will increase your understanding of historical, state, and national trends, policies and guidelines to ensure implementation of appropriate academic curriculum, differentiation strategies, current best practices, educational interventions and support for this diverse population.

The endorsement will prepare you to provide individualized strategies, curriculum, and research-based practices for gifted students in order to achieve social and learning success in the school setting. You will learn to collaborate with all stakeholders, other teachers, families, and students, to increase academic achievement of gifted students by providing a continuum of support. You will become competent in:

  • Communicating essential information regarding the nature of giftedness
  • Effectively delivering gifted services to both faculty and families
  • Advocating for gifted students, academically and socially
  • Acting as a resource to your fellow educators
  • Using multiple forms of data to develop various gifted interventions and accommodations

Tuition and Costs

The tuition for the 2016-17 academic year is $505 per credit. This per-credit tuition rate for endorsement courses is offered at a 25 percent discount from the tuition for master's-level educational leadership courses.                                    


You will complete 12 credits of course work and 40 hours of field experience work embedded in the courses, working in multiple roles within school settings.

EDL 670 Foundations of Gifted Education

This course will focus on learning the relevant history of gifted education, including the changing definitions, interventions, and cultural attitudes regarding gifted learners and their relationship to educational services. Specific emphasis will be on the underserved population, minorities, English language learners, twice exceptional students and socioeconomic disadvantaged. Students will learn key philosophies, theories, models and will examine state and federal documents, regulations and reports.

EDL 671 Identification and Assessment of Gifted Learners

In this course students recognize diverse characteristics and behaviors of gifted individuals, specifically understanding the similarities and differences between gifted students and the general population, the similarities and differences among gifted students and the different facets of giftedness, understanding the concept of asynchronous development and the impact of asynchronies on identification of gifted learners, recognize how identification as an English Language Learner, Twice Exceptional student, or an individual from a different culture or race may mask gifted traits.            

EDL 672 Service Delivery Options for Gifted Learners

In this course the candidate will use current research on gifted education to develop instructional models and classroom services for gifted students.  Candidates will utilize different organizational options that provide enrichment, acceleration, or a combination of both in a school setting for gifted students. Candidates will develop measureable, individualized comprehensive Gifted Education Plans based on identified academic strengths to be used in the general education classroom and in small group settings. Candidates will understand how to utilize on-going district data to align student ability to standards and differentiate instruction through service models that include modification of the content, process, product, and classroom environment. Candidates will learn how to utilize different student grouping options and understand how different cultures affect the manifestation of gifted abilities. Candidates will learn how to promote the intellectual leadership of students who are educationally, economically and culturally disenfranchised.

EDL 673 Curriculum Design and Strategies for Gifted Learners in the Classroom

In this course the candidate will design differentiated learning plans/curricula for gifted learners in a school setting that include tiered lessons/performance tasks, graphic organizers, curriculum compactions, and learning contracts that increase depth/complexity for tasks and promote higher levels of thinking. Candidates will use appropriate data from a variety of sources to inform instructional decision-making to meet the needs of individual students through enrichment, acceleration or a combination of both to document student progress. Candidates will select appropriate curriculum resources that support cultural, cognitive, and affective differences among gifted learners and integrate academic and career guidance experiences into the curriculum. Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of questioning techniques that facilitate higher-level learning and enhance critical and creative thinking. Candidates will understand and implement flexible grouping practices and design learning opportunities to foster the development of self-awareness, positive peer relationships, intercultural experiences, self-efficacy, lifelong learning, self-advocacy and leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to create an environment in which gifted learners feel challenged, safe to explore, take risks, and express their uniqueness.
  • Develop a differentiated curriculum that meets students' unique strengths and considers their emotional needs and interests.
  • Understand the origins of high levels of intelligence and how intelligence manifests itself in different domains and in diverse learners.
  • Have a thorough working knowledge of evidence-based instructional interventions to advance the learning of gifted students.
  • Know professional ethical principles and grades PreK-12 Gifted Education Programming Standards (2010) to inform gifted education practice.
  • Understand the importance of collaborating with families and other educators to address the needs of gifted students across a range of learning experiences.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to this stand-alone endorsement program, you must hold a Pennsylvania Instructional I or Instructional II certificate, including but not limited to regular and special education, school psychologist, principal, guidance counselor, speech and language clinician, occupational and physical therapist, reading specialist, or home and school visitor.

If you would like to complete the endorsement as part of Immaculata's M.A. in Educational Leadership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a Pennsylvania instructional I or II certificate in one or more of the following areas: elementary education, K-6; PreK-4, 4-8; or secondary level
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • GPA of 3.0

Please submit:

  1. A completed graduate application form, available online.
  2. Official copy of undergraduate or graduate transcript with degree granted.
  3. Two reference forms
  4. Copy of Level I or Level II Certification.

Mailed materials may be sent to:

Immaculata University Office of Graduate Admission
Lillian P. Lettiere Center #006
1145 King Road
Immaculata, PA 19345

Once the above items have been received by the Graduate Office, you will receive registration and payment information.


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