M.A. Instructional Track Plus Secondary Certification

M.A. (Instructional Track) plus Secondary Certification (7-12) and Specialists (K-12) (45 credits)

(Pending PDE review and approval.)

Students may pursue a master’s degree and these certifications at the graduate level based on an earned baccalaureate degree in a specific content area, which will be subject to departmental approval. In addition to specific requirements for the content area, the graduate courses required are:

Core Requirements (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
GEN 501 Human Development 3
GEN 502  Methods of Research 3
GEN 503  Interpersonal Relations 3
GEN 600 Comprehensive Examination 0






Required Common Concentration Courses (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
EDL 599 Comprehensive Examination in Educational Leadership 0
EDL 615 Contemporary Professional Ethics 3
EDL 622 Curriculum and Instruction 3
CLD 553 Instructional Needs of English Language Learners 3







Concentration (Instructional Track plus Secondary Certification 7-12 and Specialists K-12 - 27 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
EDL 613 Testing and Assessment 3
EDL 619 Foundations of Education 3
EDL 629 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDL 634 Content Area Reading 3
EDL 635 Psychology of Learning 3
EDL 640 Instructional Accommodations 3
EDL 592* Student Teaching 6








*By arrangement with the director of student teaching at least one year prior to this experience.

Field experience (or prior classroom experiences/equivalencies) are included in EDL 640.

Certification also requires satisfactory completion of state-mandated tests.

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