Add-on (Accelerated) Instructional (Teacher) Certifications

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These certifications are for those admitted July 2012 or later who are current holders of Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificates who wish to become certified in additional instructional grade levels. (Pending Pennsylvania Department of Education approval)

The following certificate holders may enroll in an add-on/accelerated program at Immaculata:

  • N-3 - desiring PreK-4 certificate
  • K-6 - desiring PreK-4 certificate
  • N-3 or K-6  - desiring Special Education PreK-8 certificate
  • Pre K-4 or 4-8  - desiring Special Education PreK-8 certificate
  • 4-8  - desiring PreK-4 certificate

The admissions process for add-on/accelerated certifications is based on a thorough assessment of the following areas of the candidate’s background: academic history, work experience, and continued professional development. The academic history of course work will be individually evaluated against all courses listed under Initial Instructional (Teacher) Certifications (PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8).

Candidates who already hold N-3, K-6 or 4-8 certifications must meet competencies in the following areas as mandated by recent changes in the PDE standards for certification: 

  1. Nine credits in Adaptations and Accommodations
  2. Three credits in English Language Learning (ELL)
  3. Competencies relating to the desired area of certification (PreK-4 or Special Education PreK-8)

Based on the admissions assessment, therefore, candidates’ backgrounds will be evaluated to determine the extent to which competencies in these areas have been met.  

Candidates currently holding N-3, K-6 or 4-8 instructional certificates, seeking to add on PreK-4 and/or Special Education PreK-8 certification(s), will be required to participate in Field Experiences related to the new grade band(s).  The comprehensive and coordinated field experiences will be embedded into specific courses that are aligned with the grade band and will follow the PDE Field Experience Competency Domains with Stages 1, 2 and 3.  All field experience placements will be in licensed private and/or public schools.

For further information, please refer to the Graduate Catalog.

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