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James K. Murray Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
610-647-4400 ext. 3307

Program Overview

Consider how much chemistry is around you and in you. Are you curious about how it all works—how medication is discovered and synthesized, how your cell phone works, or what will happen to the snack you ate? 

Majoring in chemistry at Immaculata will allow you to explore the answers to these questions and will equip you to conduct research that illuminates how the world works. You'll learn the principles of chemical composition and theories about why matter behaves the way it does. You can then develop questions of your own, formulate hypotheses, design experiments, solve problems, and gain a better understanding of the material world.

Chemistry at Immaculata is practical as well as theoretical. You'll gain hands-on experience in the laboratory under the guidance of a faculty member. And you'll study examples of chemical principles in everyday life, and see how chemistry applies to current social concerns.

Program Highlights

You'll have opportunities to participate in clubs and professional organizations, such as the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Bio-Chem Club, and Sigma Zeta National Science and Mathematics Honor Society.

Career Potential

The knowledge you will gain through your study of chemistry at Immaculata, combined with IU's strong foundation in the liberal arts, will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in research, industry, education, medicine, allied health, and nutrition. Our programs also provide you with the basis for graduate study or professional training in medical school.

  • If you are interested in teaching, you may pursue secondary education certification along with a B.A. in Chemistry. You will complete classroom observation and student teaching requirements and fulfill the requirements for teacher certification
  • If you are interested in the field of medicine, you can meet with faculty advisors as part of the Pre-Professional Program for Medical Sciences. Faculty will advise you on the math and science courses required for admission to professional schools and will offer personalized advice and support to help you prepare for a career in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, or other health care careers.
  • If you want to be a chemist, you can work in areas such as academic, industrial, or government research, as well as quality control laboratories, pharmaceutical sales, regulatory agencies and field stations. You can also develop your writing skills and prepare for work in scientific publishing and abstracting.

Learn more about different disciplines within chemistry, and prepare for your transition from college to a career.


Immaculata’s chemistry programs include a central core of basic science and mathematics courses and may be tailored to suit your individual interests.


You may complete a summer internship on or off campus, conducting research under the direction of a faculty member. Recent on-campus research projects have involved investigating novel compounds for the organic chemistry laboratory, synthesis of potential antioxidants, instrumental development, and preparation of ligands for hydrogen storage.

Our chemistry students have participated in research and presented their work at professional conferences and meetings, such as the American Chemical Society (ACS) Regional and National Meetings, the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences, the annual research colloquium sponsored by the Southeast Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education, and the annual Immaculata University Honors Colloquium.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the physical and chemical processes of living systems at the molecular level
  • Follow safe procedures when setting up and using laboratory equipment and conducting experiments
  • Apply the scientific method and use statistics, models, graphs, and computers to analyze and interpret data
  • Understand historical and current issues in chemistry

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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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