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Welcome to the homepage of the Chemistry Department at Immaculata University. Your reason for stopping by is probably the same as mine for being here: you have a liking for chemistry! We hope that your liking will transform into a desire to major in chemistry.

The Chemistry Department offers courses that:

  • provide a basic foundation in chemical concepts for liberal arts students, allied health science students, and nutrition majors;
  • provide science majors with the required professional training for medical school, and careers in education and industrial research;
  • impart a basic understanding of the physical and chemical processes of living systems at the molecular level to students concentrating in science and to student nurses.


Our B.S. or B.A. in Chemistry, as well as our B.A. in Chemistry and B.A. in Biology, will prepare you for a career in research or industry, or for graduate studies or professional school. Through Immaculata's STEM Scholars Program, scholarships are available for community college students interested in a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

Our B.A. in Chemistry with Secondary Education Certification offers a rigorous foundation in chemistry along with education courses to meet Pennsylvania certification requirements and take the PRAXIS exams.  

The Chemistry minor will broaden your knowledge outside of your major field and make you more marketable upon graduation.


I thank you for taking the time to visit. Please feel free to contact us with questions, and we will be more than willing to answer them.  

Jim Murray, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Department Chair

610-647-4400 ext. 3307

1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345
p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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