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Supervisors Give High Ratings to IU Interns

All of Immaculata's traditional undergraduate students in the business, accounting, finance, HR management, and marketing management majors are required to completed one or more internships as part of their programs. About 80 percent of our student interns were paid for their internships. According to a 2016 survey of employers created and administered by Immaculata's business faculty, 100 percent of employers said they would hire their intern again, indicating a high level of satisfaction with IU's interns.

  • Employers rated students very well (average of 4.6 on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest) in their overall preparation for the internship.
  • Employers gave students high ratings for professional demeanor (4.7 out of 5 on average).
  • Employers said students had leadership skills (4.3 out of 5 on average).

Retention, Graduation, and Job/Graduate School Placement Rates

When traditional undergraduates in IU's College of Undergraduate Studies major in business, accounting, finance, HR management, or marketing management, they tend to stay in that program, graduate on time, and quickly find jobs or enter graduate school.

Job or graduate school placement rates within six months of graduation, as self-reported by accounting alumni:

  • 2015—100%
  • 2016—90%
  • 2017—100%

Freshman-to-sophomore retention rates:

  • 2014—88%
  • 2015—84%
  • 2016—63%

Four-year graduation rates:

  • 2015—71%
  • 2016—64%
  • 2017—59%

Enactus Competition

Immaculata's Enactus team was selected as champions in their league at the 2017 Regional Competition in Washington, D.C. The team spent 3,455 hours contributing their business skills in the following ways to support a variety of non-profit organizations:

Humankind Water

  • Raised awareness of Humankind Water's mission to address the global clean water crisis by selling bottled water and giving the proceeds to fund drinking water projects around the world
  • Raised $2,000 and promoted sales of Humankind Water's bottled water at Immaculata and at Turkey Hill Minit Markets
  • Developed a social media communications and marketing plan
  • Proposed a "Walk for Water" fundraising event and developed website content

Emilia Wojtyla Women's Shelter in Bolivia

  • Raised $5,625 through donations and sales of crafts made by Bolivian women who are victims of domestic violence
  • Raised awareness, through sales events and through social media, of the shelter's support for Bolivian women and children
  • Launched a U.S.-based non-profit that qualified as a 501(c)(3) corporation
  • Developed and tested a sponsorship program to encourage ongoing donations
  • Launched website and increased social media following
  • Helped the shelter obtain a stable rental facility and staff

Kiddos Kare

  • Sold T-shirts and raised $500
  • Donated supplies to 85 at-risk students at General George Meade Elementary School
  • Mentored eighth graders
  • Built awareness of high poverty and academic challenges in the Philadelphia school district.

The Weekly Fight

  • Raised awareness about veterans and members of the military who suffer from PTSD and suicidality
  • Launched "The Weekly Fight" on Facebook Live
  • Expanded strategic partnerships with CrossFit gyms and developed partnership standards

Internal Auditing Competition

A team of five IU students—Stephen Smith, Kevin Winans, Kaitlin O'Reilly, Thomas Sagendorf, and Donald Schiffer—earned second place at the 2017 Student Case Competition hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

The institute holds an annual case study competition for local college students. This year's case study featured a rapidly growing pre-IPO bank with aggressive sales targets, tough corporate culture and high turnover. Teams were challenged with identifying red flags, risks and controls in the case study, as well as potential fraud. The students were tough competition for each other and the judges were impressed by their presentation skills and thorough review of the case study questions. The judges selected three winning teams who all won cash prizes.

Kristin Schorn, marketing management alumna



"From my classroom studies to my mandatory internship, and everything in between, I learned a great deal about the business world and corporate America. The intimate classes provided me with the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and be part of smaller conversations that were all relevant to my studies.

"Having professors that came from corporate America also helped—their 'real' experiences provided better dialogue in the classrooms. It was more than writing a paper or taking a test, it was a discussion, and for me, that’s how I learn best."

—Kristin Schorn '13, Sales Assistant at Global Atlantic Financial Company

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