Master of Science in Management and Leadership

Program Overview

Learn to lead with courage and confidence in any industry, organization, or company. Immaculata's M.S. in Management and Leadership will help you combine the art of leadership with the science of management, two complementary skill sets critical to organizational effectiveness.

With increasing competition, globalization, and technological shifts, employers are seeking professionals at all levels who have a solid understanding of both effective work processes and dynamic interpersonal skills. While MBA programs emphasize technical and quantitative skills, this program helps you practice both foundational management and leadership skills, including thinking strategically, motivating individuals and groups, aligning people to a vision, and facilitating change that moves an organization to higher levels of performance.

If you started an MBA program and it wasn't a good fit, you may be able to transfer credits into this program. Contact to find out what credits will transfer.

Program Highlights

  • Real-world, immediate application—apply tomorrow what you learned today
  • Supervised field work focused on organizational change projects that deliver business results
  • Proven track record of success, including greater responsibilities and promotions for our alumni and current students
  • Cohesive and supportive cohort community with small class sizes and responsive faculty

Program Delivery and Completion

You can begin this streamlined 30-credit program in fall, spring or summer, taking classes that blend online and face-to-face learning. You can complete your degree in two years of studying part time. You may take up to two classes per 14-week semester. Each course meets from 6 to 10 p.m., every other week.

Ask your HR representative for information about setting up an on-site corporate program.

Career Potential

This program is a revised version of the M.A. in Organization Leadership that Immaculata previously offered. Alumni from the M.A. reported significant personal and professional transformation, salary increases and promotions as a result of the program.
  • 67% reported a salary increase as a direct result of their studies
  • 77% reported promotion and/or new, desired responsibilities
  • 32% reported new employment
Alumni also reported significantly improved relationships with bosses, peers, and direct reports.

Leadership alumna Julie Hearn-Nicely


"I've been promoted twice within my organization and am now a vice president. During this journey, I was also very blessed to have my boss and the COO of my organization select me to become a member of the Global Leadership Institute, which is a year-long program under the umbrella of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. So this showed me that senior management saw me as an upcoming, emerging leader of the organization."

—Julie Hearn-Nicely

Tuition and Costs

See the College of Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees page.

Financial aid programs are available to eligible students through the University’s Financial Aid Office. All prospective students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Learn more about how to apply for financial aid.


Courses include:

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Managing Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leading Global High Performance Teams
  • Economic Foundations of Finance
  • Leadership Ethics: Sustainability and Transparency in Organizations
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies and Cybersecurity
  • Research Methods and Data Analytics
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Project Management
  • Leading Change Capstone


This program contains content aligned with the curriculum requirements set forth by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop data-driven decision-making skills to solve complex and ambiguous problems
  • Communicate to inspire people to action; utilize conflict constructively
  • Expand creative management strategies to lead diverse, geographically distant teams
  • Deepen ethical integrity to sustain an organization, its people, its customers, and the world
  • Improve leadership qualities including authenticity, resilience, emotional intelligence, openness, and adaptability

Admission Requirements

In addition to fulfilling Immaculata's general requirements for admission to a master's program, please describe your leadership background and experience in your résumé and goals statement.

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