Jacqueline Henry Bull, Ph.D.

Jacqueline Henry Bull, Ph.D.
Professor of Business
Faculty Center 3
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Ph.D., General Business, Capella University, 2002
M.A., Business Management, Central Michigan University, 1982
B.A., History – Education, Bloomfield College, 1973
A.A., Liberal Arts, Camden County College, 1971

Teaching Philosophy: 

I work to decode basic aspects of thinking and logical understanding of issues for applications and implementation of processes in a systematic, step-by-step format. I often draw from my initial education interests of history. Determining why something is or how it came about is the cornerstone of understanding current issues and trends. Aiding students in understanding what is happening today and why, due to past decisions, will strengthen their learning skills and enlighten their thinking processes.

I use case study applications, team projects, individual and independent research, and formal presentations as tools incorporated into my courses that encourage and require students to think and look forward—out of the cookie cutter box—to be innovative and successful in their future business endeavors.


Dr. Bull has been teaching at Immaculata University since 1978. She teaches undergraduate courses within the Business and Accounting Department curriculum, and she has served as a faculty mentor to the Immaculata University Enactus team (formerly known as SIFE, Students In Free Enterprise) for eight (8) academic years. She advises students who are completing their majors within the Business and Accounting Department and students completing minors in business administration, entrepreneurship, human resource management, or business – secondary education certification.

Prior to accepting her position at Immaculata, Dr. Bull intermingled over 20 years of corporate business experiences with the academic environment of researching, communicating with clients and customers, and educating subordinates, along with planning and strategizing within the business working sector. Her business titles included: sales associate, sales representative, corporate regional representative, marketing manager, and office manager. 

Courses Taught: 
  • Introduction to Business
  • Dynamics of Supervision
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management
  • Human Resource Issues
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Training Techniques
  • Business Employment Law
  • Marketing Principles and Practices
  • Marketing in a Global Economy
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Management
  • Issues in Management
  • Strategic Planning
Research Interests: 

To ensure that students are acquiring needed business skills, Dr. Bull is always seeking to learn business strategies, be aware of environmental and financial changes, and understand corporate thinking tactics to determine decision-making steps that would fall in line with current and future academic presentations and role-playing.

Areas of expertise:

  • Business Practices
  • Ethics and Business
  • Working in Teams
  • Workplace Coaching and/or Training
  • Leadership Styles

Dr. Bull wrote, revised and/or edited the facilitator’s guide and student learner’s guide for each of the following Immaculata University ACCEL® courses:

  • Human Resources Issues
  • Human Resources Issues for online presentation
  • Introduction to Business
  • Issues in Management
  • Marketing in a Global Economy
  • Marketing Principles and Practices

Dr. Bull has created, wrote, and taught courses which were incorporated into the Business and Accounting Department curriculum:

  • Business Employment Law
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Training Techniques
  • Entrepreneurship
Professional Memberships: 
  • Delta Mu Delta
  • National Notary Association
  • Sigma Beta Delta

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1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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