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Guest Speaker - Misty Blessley, Supply Chain Management Specialist

Sponsored by: Business & Accounting Department

Misty is finishing her Ph.D. at Temple University, writing a dissertation titled "Supply Chain Management: Discoveries on how managers manage and the conditions to collaboration." Mistly formerly occupied the procurement and purchasing management roles at Communication Cable and Acrondyne Inc. She covered supply chain management and offered insights on inventory management as well.

Guest Speaker- Tim Eberle, Senior Vice President Operations at Pinova Holdings

Sponsored by: Business & Accounting Department

Tim revisited operations management in manufacturing operations with Q&A and vignettes. Global operations conversation.

Guest Speaker - Tim Eberle, Senior Vice President of Operations at Pinova Holdings

Sponsored by: Business & Accounting Department 

Tim Eberle is responsible for manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement. He is the former director of operations for specialty chemical group and earlier for the BioPolymer operations of FMC Corporation. Tim discussed operational effectiveness in manufacturing operations and international operations leadership. He has experience in transorming manufacturing operations.

Guest Speaker - Cindy Swank, Executive Vice President - Service Value Commitment at LPL Financial

Sponsored by: Business & Accounting Department

Cindy Swank is a CPA and an expert in "lean" for service business. She wrote the Harvard Business Review article "The Lean Service Machine." She discussed lean (a type of business process re-engineering), outsourcing to international partners, and operational effectiveness in service businesses.

Job and Internship Search Workshop

Sponsored by: Career Development

Attendees learned tips and strategies on how to find internships and jobs!

Money 101

Sponsored by: Career Development

Attendees learned to budget and more effectively manage their money while in college.

Enactus Fundraiser

Sponsored by: Enactus

Attendees supported the IU Enactus team by attending the PJ Welihan's Dine and Donate. 15% of all proceeds benefited the initatives and competition of the team.

Entrepreneurship Panel

Sponsored by: Business Club and Fashion Group

We heard from local entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and made them into successes during the current economic state. The panel discussion focused on what it takes to become successful in the Business, Marketing, Fashion, Communications, and Public Relations fields. The event was free and open to the public.

Resume, Cover Letter, and E-Portfolio Creation: Tips and Techniques

Sponsored by: Career Development

This workshop introduced students to tips, techniques, and resources in the resume, cover letter, and ePortfolio creation process.

Budgeting in College: Spend Wisely

Sponsored by: Career Development


Getting LinkedIn and Your Online Professional Presence

Sponsored by: Career Development


Movie Night

Sponsored by: Business Club

The Business Club watched the movie Money Ball, a story about the "Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players"( Popcorn and snacks were provided.

Professionalism in the Workplace Workshop

Sponsored by: Career Development with support from Financial Aid.

Professional Business Etiquette speaker Mr. Robert Shutt presented a workshop relating to Professionalism in the Workplace & Life.  He addressed office communications, workplace etiquette, professional behavior, workplace courtesies, dealing with peers and superiors, telephone & cell phone use, e-mail communication, and much more.  He spoke briefly regarding how this information is transferable into the student’s academic & campus community life.  

Accounting Job Fair

Sponsored by: SEPCHE

Employers in the accounting fields were invited to the Career Fair along with students interested in gaining experience in the field of accounting.  

Welcome Back Social

Sponsored by Business and Accounting Department

Getting LinkedIn: Creating your Online Professional Presence & Photobooth

Sponsored by Career Development

This workshop introduced students to the social networking site LinkedIn. Networking is the number one way job hunters learn about job openings, so it's important that you learn to properly present yourself to potential employers. Additionally, throughout the workshop students had the opportunity to take a professional picture to add to their LinkedIn accounts. 

Creating Business Cards - Express Yourself

Sponsored by Career Development

This workshop provided an opportunity to create and print business cards to use during networking.

ePortfolio Creation - Make your Resume Come Alive

Sponsored by Career Development

ePortfolios have become extremely popular over the past few years. This workshop introduced students to free ePortfolio tools and guided them through the creation process.

Enactus Team Winning Presentation

Sponsored by Enactus

Immaculata's Enactus Team won in their league in the Baltimore Regional Championship and went to the National Competition in Kansas City. All students, faculty and staff were invited to see their winning presentation.

Managing Yourself at Work

Sponsored by Career Development

Transitioning to life after graduation can be challenging. This workshop taught students how to professionally present themselves at their new place of employment without losing their sense of self.

Mock Interviewing - Perfecting the Interview

Sponsored by Career Development

Students practiced their interviewing skills online and received feedback from the Career Development Office.

Polishing Your Professional Presence Dinner

Sponsored by Career Development

This highly popular workshop was the final event in the series. Students were invited to listen and interact with a guest speaker who covered the importance of first impressions, how to portray a professional presence when in business meetings, business meals social occasions, interviewing, dining etiquette, nonverbal communication, and appropriate wardrobe.

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