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Immaculata's Enactus Team was a finalist in this year's national exposition in Cincinatti, Ohio. The team demonstrated the meaning of entrepreneurship in action (Enactus) through its outstanding work on initiatives for Wings for Success, Campbell’s "Let’s Can Hunger" projects, and HumanKind Water.

L to R (top row): Emily Kuchlak, Olivia Kauffman (Vice President), Marleth Herrera. L to R (bottom row): Dylan Chudoff, TJ Jappah, Daniel Burns (Vice President), Jared Poindexter (Treasurer)


The IU Enactus team has been active since 2004. Enactus is an international organization that pairs college students with corporate sponsors. These corporate sponsors enable participating colleges to compete in regional, national, and global competitions.

The IU Enactus team was awarded first runner-up in the regional competition in 2008, and second runner-up in the 2009 regional competition. In both 2010 and 2011, the IU team won in their competing leagues to then present in the national competition in Minneapolis, MN.

Along with the pride in completing Enactus projects, Enactus team members benefit from networking with these corporate sponsors. Over the years, members have obtained both internships and full employment positions solely due to Enactus connections.

Students volunteer their time to complete projects. The rationale of each project is to determine and then successfully work with individuals, schools, and companies in seeking to make positive, long-term changes. Many of the Enactus corporate sponsors award grant funds to aid in completing team projects.

2013-2014 Enactus Projects:

  • HumanKind Water
  • Campbell's "Let's Can Hunger"
  • Wings for Success

Watch this video to see how our students are using their skills to help provide clean water around the world:

Past IU Enactus projects include:

  • Painting a classroom in a private school
  • Fundraising activities, such as organizing a dinner with proceeds donated to a hospital for the purchase of a digital testing machine
  • Connecting several restaurants with an organization who buys used cooking oil to process it for reuse
  • Creating and presenting educational seminars on subjects such as water-environmental issues, creating and planting vegetable gardens, and resume writing  
  • Creating marketing literature for businesses
  • Donating and installing energy efficient light bulbs in a senior citizen home
  • Helping a restaurant create a trash recycling system and aiding in installing energy efficient lighting and hand dryers.


Dr. Charlene Fitzwater (, x3472)

Dr. Elizabeth Faunce (, x3431)

Dr. Joseph Pugh (, x3461)


Thursdays at 5:15pm in Good Counsel Room 3.


IU Business Club

The IU Business Club provides an opportunity for students of any major to get involved in a variety of professional development and business-oriented engagements. This includes writing for the Business Club Newsletter, professional networking and resume building, community service, guest speaker presentations, and off-campus trips to local and regional corporations.

The hands-on emphasis of the Business Club allows members to think and prepare, beyond the classroom, for the challenges in today’s global economy. Additionally, the professional development and networking benefits of the Business Club give members access to quality internship opportunities, providing a stepping stone to building their successful futures.

2013-2014 Club Events and Trips:

  • United Nations Trip
  • Wall Street Trip
  • IU Alumni Panel
  • Entrepreneurship Panel
  • Movie Nights
  • Business Nights Out
  • Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Past events include tours of:


Dr. Elizabeth Faunce (, x3431)


Thursdays at 2:00pm in Good Counsel Room 3.


Business Advisory Board


Dr. Julie Ryan (,  x3463)


President: John Pedorenko (

1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345
p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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