Prerequisites, Advanced Placement, and Transfer

General Prerequisites

Students (except as noted below under General Prerequisite Exemptions) must earn a grade of B or higher in the following prerequisite sequence before taking any biology major's course (BIOL 230 or higher).

  • MATH 203-204 Intermediate College Mathematics
  • CHE 101-102 Basic College Chemistry

These prerequisite courses can be taken simultaneously; otherwise, the MATH must be taken before the CHE.  

General Prerequisite Exemptions

Students will be exempted from the prerequisite sequence if, in the previous five years, they have completed a one-year high school chemistry course with a grade of B or higher AND at least two of the following three conditions are met:

  • Students have an SAT math score of 550 or higher
  • IU mathematics placement test scores are sufficient to place students in MATH 207-208
  • Students have satisfactorily completed a pre-calculus course in high school or college

Advanced Placement Credits

  • AP Biology credits will be accepted as free electives
  • AP Anatomy and Physiology will be accepted in lieu of Mammalian Structure and Function (BIOL 306).

Transfer Credits

Up to 12 credits in majors' biology courses will be considered for transfer from another institution. Biology credits will be considered for transfer only if earned within the previous ten years, if courses are comparable in content to courses currently taught in this department, and if a grade of C or higher was earned. Once a student is formally accepted as a biology major, all required biology courses must be taken at Immaculata University, with the exception of approved off-campus research.  

Scheduling Requirements

All students must satisfactorily complete with a grade of C or higher the following foundational courses before taking any BIOL 300-level courses.

  • MATH 207-208 Introductry Analysis
  • CHE 103-104 Fundamental Chemical Concepts
  • BIOL 233-234 Cell Biology, Genetics

These courses can be taken simultaneously; otherwise, the MATH must be taken before the CHE and the CHE before the BIOL.

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