B.A. in Biology with Secondary Education

B.A. in Biology with Secondary Education

Program Overview: 

Immaculata offers a variety of biology degrees that allow you to choose electives that suit your areas of interest and your career plans. The B.A. in Biology with Secondary Education is intended for biology majors interested in seeking teacher certification.

Undergraduate Students

In addition to fulfilling specific education requirements set by the Education Division, you will complete all the requirements for the B.A. in Biology.   To seek secondary education certification in biology, you will take Earth and Space Science in lieu of one of your biology electives.  

Post-Baccalaureate Students

If you currently hold a bachelor's degree or above and you wish to pursue a careers in teaching high school biology, please apply to the Education Division. The Biology Department will review all transcripts and outline an individual course of study that will satisfy all the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification to teach biology. 

Program Highlights: 
  • Strong foundation in liberal arts
  • Preparation for careers in research, education, and medicine
  • Provides a foundation for graduate study at the cutting edge of science
  • Scholarships are available for community college students through the STEM Scholars Program.
Career Potential: 

Immaculata biology majors are prepared for technical positions as well as teaching positions in public and private high schools. Biology majors who also develop good writing skills expand their opportunities for careers, such as work in scientific publishing and abstracting.


View the Course Sequence Sheet for the B.A. in Biology with Secondary Education.


During your sophomore and junior years, you will observe and participate in a classroom setting. As a senior, you will complete a student teaching experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successfully completing your biology program, you will be able to:

  • have a basic scientific knowledge of yourself, your surroundings, and living systems
  • follow safe, proper procedures to set up laboratory equipment and prepare specimens
  • apply the scientific method and analyze and interpret data using statistics, models, and computers
  • evaluate ethical considerations in modern biological research
  • think critically and communicate well in writing
  • understand current topics in biological sciences


This Program is Offered
In the following :

More Information: 
Jean Shingle, Ph.D.
Chair of the Biology Department
Associate Professor
610-647-4400 ext. 3277


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