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Painting  ♦  Ceramics  ♦  Graphic Design

The Art Department at Immaculata University is committed to providing an environment of instruction and exploration in which the student can develop a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in the visual arts. Quality teaching is enhanced by the creative research endeavors of the art faculty who work closely with each student to foster aesthetic and intellectual inquiry in both theory and application.   Making art is a significant visual and cultural activity. Immaculata students are encouraged to develop a lifelong commitment to creativity and learning.  

Vision Statement

The Art Department at Immaculata provides an opportunity for all students to experience a variety of courses in graphic design and fine arts which will be applied toward their humanities electives in the liberal arts curriculum.   The Graphic Design minor and Fine Arts certificate will provide students with a strong fine arts foundation emphasizing the elements of art, principles of design, and fundamentals of drawing.  

Student Learning Outcomes

ART is Learning to See…Making Connections…Enlightenment…Joy…A very Human Thing.

  1. Contribute to personal and academic enrichment
  2. Facilitate an appreciation for the aesthetic and cultural values in the arts
  3. Prepare students to challenge themselves to think creatively
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design

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