Music Therapy course requirements

Music therapy class

Primary Instrument

Complete six semesters of lessons on a primary instrument (e.g. piano, voice, oboe, etc.).

Secondary Instrument

Complete four semesters of lessons on keyboard.


Complete one semester of voice lessons.

Ensemble Requirements

Complete six semesters of ensembles (large, small, and chorale).

Music History

Complete four semesters:

  • MUSC341            Music History 1: Bach and Before
  • MUSC342            Music History 2: Classical and Romantic Periods
  • MUSC441            Music History 3: Twentieth Century Styles
  • MUSC103            World Music

Music Theory/Aural Skills

Complete four semesters.

Complete four semesters of music theory and one semester of counterpoint.

Music Convocation

Complete four semesters.

Music Therapy Core

Complete the following courses:

  • MTR100                Orientation to Music Therapy
  • MTR200                Music Therapy Foundations
  • MTR201                Didactic Practices of Music Therapy
  • MTR202                Medical Practices of Music Therapy
  • MTR203                Psychiatric Practices of Music Therapy
  • MTR301                Ethical Practice in Music Therapy
  • MTR411                Music Therapy Research
  • MTR406                Theoretical Orientations to Music Therapy Clinical Practice
  • MUSC345             Psychology of Music
  • MUSC391             Music for Exceptional Learners
  • MUSC255             Music Technology 1

Related Courses in Music Therapy Core

  • PSY101                  Foundations of Psychology
  • PSY324                  Developmental Psychology
  • PSY320                  Abnormal Psychology
  • BIOL202                 Exercise Structure and Function

Music Therapy Clinical Training

Complete three music therapy practicums and two internships.

Music Skills for Therapy

Complete eight credits in functional guitar, piano, and/or voice.

Music Therapy Electives

Students can choose one or more of the following courses:

  • MTR302                Circles of Expression (Music for People)
  • MTR 411               Improvisational Methods in Music Therapy
  • MTR 412               Song Writing in Music Therapy
  • MTR 413               Receptive Methods in Music Therapy
  • MTR 414               Songs in Therapy: Repertoire Development

Additional Music Courses

Complete courses in the following areas:

  • MUSC108            Percussion Methods
  • MUSC317            Basic Conducting
  • MUSC344            Seminar in Music

Liberal Arts Core

Complete courses in the following areas:

  • ENG106               Composition 1
  • ENG107               Composition 2
  • FOR LANG           Foreign Language (1)
  • FOR LANG           Foreign Language (2)
  • HISTxxx                History Elective
  • THExxx                 Theology Elective (1)
  • THExxx                 Theology Elective (2)
  • MATH107              Quantitative Reasoning
  • ELECTIVES           6 credits
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