Math/Data Sciences

Math/Data Sciences B.S.

Program Overview: 

Immaculata’s Bachelor of Science in Math/Data Sciences teaches students to understand the power of mathematics and data systems, and to combine these disciplines to solve real-world problems.

This program will help you develop clear reasoning and systematic thought. The setting of the program within a liberal arts tradition provides an overall preparation for life that is both broad and versatile, allowing you to pursue a career in math or data science or to earn a graduate degree.

The program is designed to produce graduates who are proficient in:

  • Mathematical and technological problem-solving in fields such as business, finance, accounting, and economics
  • Logic, Boolean algebra, functions, relations, graphs, discrete probability, cryptography, and algorithms to issues in computing
  • Ethical, legal, security, and social impact of technology implementations on organizations and society
  • Mathematical proofs, differential equations, and derivatives
  • System and software definition, integration, and management
  • Software design and programming
  • Data analysis, data modeling, and SQL
Program Highlights: 

You can participate in professional and social activities sponsored by the Mathematics/Information & Digital Systems Department, such as:

  • Seminars led by mathematicians and data science professionals
  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Research projects with faculty members
  • Trips to local conferences
  • Game nights
  • End-of-the-year picnic

Scholarships are available for community college students interested in a bachelor's degree in mathematics, computing sciences, or information technology. For more information, please visit Immaculata's STEM Scholars Program.

Career Potential: 

Majoring in mathematics and data sciences will open doors for employment in a variety of areas, including industry, government, banking, business, or academia. Your degree will equip you to work in a number of careers:

  • Systems analyst
  • Database analyst/modeler
  • Software engineer/developer
  • Statistician
  • Researcher
  • Actuary
  • Engineer

View the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to explore additional employment opportunities.


Students have participated in a variety of internal and external professional experiences:

  • Vanguard
  • Chester County’s Information Technology Action Group (ITAG)
  • Immaculata University’s Office of Technology Services
  • Villa Maria Academy Lower School
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Apply systematic, orderly, and exact habits of thought when solving problems
  • Apply the power of reasoning to analyze situations
  • Understand the interdisciplinary connections between mathematics and data science
  • Lay the foundation for lifelong learning by revisiting essential concepts and renewing skills needed for future work and study in an evolving field

This Program is Offered
In the following :

More Information: 
Dr. Mary Elizabeth “M.E.” Jones, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Mathematics/Information Systems
610-647-4400 ext. 3254


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