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Mary Elizabeth “M.E.” Jones, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology

Program Overview

Information technology is a service industry, meaning that IT professionals create, integrate, and administer solutions to problems for a variety of industries using technological tools.  IT is an ever-evolving field requiring broad and integrated knowledge.  Technological solutions are designed to enhance work in all fields: business, telecommunications, health care, government, education and other industries. 

There are three main components to Immaculata's information systems major:

  • Gaining an understanding of the discipline of IT: programming, networking, human-computer interaction, databases, and web systems.
  • Developing a service-oriented approach toward assisting organizations when inventing and integrating IT solutions into the workplace
  • Combining the information systems major with a minor discipline that can utilize IT solutions so that you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work in other fields

The program is designed to produce graduates who are proficient in:

  • Applying computing concepts and mathematics when analyzing problems
  • Analyzing needs and defining technology requirements to meet those needs
  • Designing, integrating, and implementing appropriate software solutions
  • Technical skills in database administration, web design, networking, systems integration, information security, and computer architecture

Program Highlights

You might wonder why you should pursue an information systems degree at Immaculata, a liberal arts university, instead of at an engineering school. Your liberal arts courses will complement your technical expertise by sharpening your critical thinking skills, helping you understand the impact of technology on users and their work, and exposing you to the wide range of fields in which you can apply IT solutions. Being broadly educated in the liberal arts allows you to cultivate the qualities that make you more than a technician—a well-informed, service-oriented professional.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has identified certain characteristics that IT majors need to develop:  adaptability, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and advocacy for users of technology.  Your information systems degree from Immaculata will equip you with the ACM characteristics as well as with knowledge from other disciplines.

At Immaculata, you can participate in academic and professional development activities such as:

  • Seminars led by IT professionals
  • Opportunities for membership in professional organizations
  • Opportunities to participate in faculty-mentored research projects in data analytics and information technology. Recent student research projects have focused on big data, women in STEM fields, and cyberwarfare.
  • Trips to local conferences

Career Potential

The job outlook is excellent for information systems professionals. Because of increased use of the Internet, data processing systems, software programs, and mobile technologies, and because of the need for information security, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of IT professionals to grow much faster than average in the coming years.


Students have participated in a variety of internal and external professional experiences at companies such as:

  • Siemens
  • Vanguard
  • Chester County’s Information Technology Action Group (ITAG)
  • Immaculata University’s Office of Technology Services

Learning Outcomes

To be a successful information systems professional, you need to:

  • Have good customer service and teamwork skills
  • Demonstrate analytical skills combined with creativity in solving problems
  • Be able to communicate technical concepts to people unfamiliar with technology
  • Pursue ongoing professional development to stay abreast of emerging technologies
  • Understand the ethical, legal, security, and social impact of IT implementations on individuals, organizations, and society

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