Program Overview

Immaculata's communication major prepares you for career opportunities that require creativity, effective communication, and problem-solving. This major offers you various avenues to engage your creativity and hone your oral and written communication skills. You will develop theoretical and practical skills, participate in valuable internships, and interact with professionals in the field.

The program is designed to produce graduates who are proficient in:

  • Effective oral and interpersonal communication
  • Using technology for electronic communication
  • Communication principles and practice, including media ethics and law
  • Organizational communication, including business and proposal/grant writing
  • News reporting and feature writing
  • Publication design and editing
  • Creating promotional and publicity materials
  • Understanding the role of media in society, including the Internet and film, and evaluating media messages

Within this major, you will choose from one of three tracks:

  • Organizational Communication: Combining communication and business courses to prepare students for a career in the corporate world, this track requires an introductory course in accounting and a recommendation from the IU Business Department. Because the track overlaps with Business Department offerings, students are encouraged to consider a minor in business, entrepreneurship, or marketing.
  • Public Relations and Journalism: The public relations track is appropriate for students with strong writing skills and outgoing personalities who enjoy reporting, managing company messages, representing an organization professionally, and handling crises. In journalism, students concentrate on writing for different publications, such as websites, newsletters, proposals and grants, and business communications. Students in this track may also be interested in the rapidly growing field of meeting and event planning. The information technology or graphic arts minors complement this track well.
  • Digital Communication: This track focuses on the most current technology, social networking, and media outlets. This track includes two sub-tracks, media or design, which develop students’ creative skills.

Program Highlights

  • Small classes and frequent contact with professors create a non-threatening yet challenging atmosphere.
  • You are encouraged to conduct independent research with a faculty mentor and to present at local conferences.
  • You have the option to design an accelerated schedule that blends classroom and online courses. Some courses run for just seven weeks, allowing you to complete the requirements for the communication major in as little as two years.

Career Potential

Communication majors can choose among varied professions, each of which requires strong oral and written communication skills. Typical career opportunities include:

  • Business communication
  • Broadcast and print journalism
  • Digital communication and social media
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Web content writing
  • Media relations
  • Creative writing
  • Law
  • Public relations
  • Scientific and technical writing
  • Theatrical arts


See the course requirements for the organizational communication track, the public relations & journalism track, and the digital communication track.


The internship program at Immaculata integrates learning with life. All students must complete two internships for a total of 6 credits.

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