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The Internship Program at Immaculata integrates learning with life. Students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned, explore new places,  experience new people, and broaden their perspective and personal goals. All majors in the English/Communication Department (except those students pursuing teacher certification) are encouraged to complete at least one internship while at IU and preferably two.

Internships are arranged on an individual basis through the direction of the department chair or the faculty coordinator. Some programs carry academic credit, while others are extracurricular academic experiences.   Communication majors must complete an internship as part of their senior capstone experience.

Some recent internships have been completed at Philadelphia Magazine, the Philadelphia Phantoms, the Chester County Hospital Development Office, PECO/Exelon, and Smith-Barney. Students have also completed internships on campus in the Office of University Communications, the Office of Institutional Advancement, and in the Sports Information Office.   Through a new affiliate agreement with the Dublin Business School in Ireland, students will also now have the opportunity to complete an internship in Ireland.  

"I encourage anyone with aspirations of a writing career, be it journalism or otherwise, to obtain an internship experience. It truly is the only way you get a feel for what your career may be. This is much different than submitting term papers to your professors. The editors at Valley Forge Press are great to work with and very helpful in assisting you to jump start your career. The biggest reward you can get from this type of internship is seeing your name in print in a widely distributed publication. It's amazing! My first article was published back in April, and I've had people I know compliment me on it."  —Dana Viall, Freelance Writer Intern, Valley Forge Press

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