Women's Studies minor

This minor is designed to enable students in the Women’s Studies minor to:

  • Understand how gender issues impact larger social issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of women’s contributions to science, the arts, politics, philosophy, business, and other fields.
  • Apply knowledge of women’s concerns to their chosen fields.
  • Recognize women’s achievements and influence globally.



ENG 130 Introduction to Women’s Studies

This course analyzes various statements on women, investigates cultural patterns women accept and reject, and considers larger trends of change and their implications pertaining to women and culture in general.


Fifteen credits from the following list of courses:

  • ART 217 Women Artists
  • ENG 265 Modern Women Writers Part I
  • ENG 266 Modern Women Writers Part II
  • COM 270 Women and Media
  • CCS 300/SPAN 300 Crossing Borders: Hispanic Women’s Images in the U.S.
  • FREN 311 The Feminine Face of France
  • SPAN 319 Spanish Women Writers
  • SPAN 331 Latin American Women Writers
  • HIST 216 Women’s History
  • MES 306 Roles of Women in the Middle East
  • MUSC 300 (H) Women in the Performing Arts
  • PHI 203 Stein’s Essays on Women (1)
  • PHI 326 Women Thinkers
  • EXS 103 What Every Woman Needs to Know (2)
  • PSY 343 Human Sexuality
  • SOC 318 Crime and Gender
  • SOC 360 (HON) Gender and Culture
  • THE 217 Christian Marriage and Family
  • THE 331 Theology of the Body


July 2012

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