Irish Studies Minor


The interdisciplinary Irish Studies minor provides formal opportunities for students to move beyond clichés, to learn about Irish culture and history and to examine current issues relating to the Irish and Irish-American experience.


REQUIREMENTS: (9 credits)

  • IRL 101 Elementary Irish Language I
  • ENG 349 Irish Literature
  • HIST 218 History of Ireland

ELECTIVES:  (9 credits)

  • IRL 102 Elementary Irish Language II ** (3 cr)
  • ENG 275 Irish Nobel Laureates (1 cr)
  • ENG 275 Introduction to James Joyce’s Dubliners (1 cr)
  • ENG 275 Irish-American Fiction (1 cr)
  • ENG 368 Irish Drama (3 cr)
  • HIST 200 The Legend of Duffy’s Cut (1 cr)
  • POL 337 Irish Politics (3 cr)
  • BUS 301 International Business (3 cr)
  • PED 229 Traditional Irish Dancing

**Recommended elective.  Six (6) credits in the Irish language fulfill the foreign language requirement in the core curriculum.

Elective courses vary each semester.  Additional 3-credit courses are being developed to facilitate the students’ completing the minor as part of a four-year program.

Independent Study:  Independent study in an area of Irish interest or study abroad in Ireland may be counted toward the minor with the approval of the Coordinator of the Irish Studies Program.


English – Sister Marie Hubert Kealy                         

History – Dr. Eugene Halus

Revised April 2012

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