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This minor will prepare students for work and life in a modern and interconnected world. It promotes critical perspectives on the social, political, economic, literary, psychological, artistic, philosophical, and cultural processes associated with globalization and the impacts of global media. The interdisciplinary approach of the minor, taken from the full range of the humanities and social sciences, allows for students of all majors to enhance their degrees with the prospects of a global perspective.

Required Course

COM 230 Global Media

This new course will combine elements of history, theory, critical viewing, film screenings, and media production to come to terms with the complex contemporary global media environment ever more so influenced by satellite, Internet and cell phone, and other recent technologies, which have created a new panorama of messages, meanings and stratagems directly impacting all international affairs.

Elective Courses

Choose 5:

  • ART 216 Art Study Abroad
  • BUS 301 International Business
  • CCS 335 HON Global Studies***
  • CCS 340 Cross Cultural Communication
  • CCS 380 International Business Seminar
  • ECO 320 Comparative Economics
  • EDU 290 Multicultural Education
  • ENG 216 HON World Literature***
  • ENG 338 Linguistics
  • ENG 365 Postcolonial Literature
  • EXS 230 African Dance
  • FIN 363 International Finance
  • FNU 212 Culture and Diversity in Foods and Nutrition
  • HIST/POL 345 History and Politics of Africa
  • HIST/POL 347 History and Politics of Russia
  • MUSC 102 World Music
  • PHI 220 Global Economic and Environmental Ethics
  • PHI 315 HON Asian Thought***
  • PHI 331 Eastern Philosophies
  • POL 206 International Relations
  • POL 216 Reels of Change: Globalization through Film
  • POL 312 Cyber War and Cyber Peace
  • PSY 206 Cross Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 308 HON Children and Societies Worldwide***
  • SOC 345 Social Problems: A World at Risk
  • SOC 360 HON Gender and Culture***
  • THE 314 World Religions


Department Advisor: Sean Flannery          

Revised April 2012

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