Program Overview

An Associate of Arts in English allows you to engage in lively discussions of literary works and learn different theories of literary criticism.

The program is designed to produce graduates who can:

  • Analyze narratives from other cultures and viewpoints
  • Analyze and interpret texts and their themes
  • Write clear, coherent, and compelling essays that demonstrate creative and independent thought and that draw readers in
  • Read, comprehend, summarize, evaluate, and draw conclusions from texts while understanding historical and cultural contexts
  • Enjoy great literature!

The English program offers small classes and frequent interaction with professors, creating a non-threatening yet challenging atmosphere.

Career Potential

An A.A. in English offers a solid foundation for many careers that rely on logical thought, clear communication, and a breadth of knowledge.



Concentration (18 sem. hrs.)

100 Level Literature Course

ENG 200 - Literature elective

ENG 200 - Literature elective

ENG 299 - Advanced Composition

ENG 300 - Literature elective

ENG 300 - Literature elective

Liberal Arts Core

Theology (6 sem. hrs.)

Philosophy (PHI 209)

English Composition (6 sem. hrs.)

Humanities* (6 sem. hrs.)

Social Sciences (6 sem. hrs.)

Natural Sciences/Math/Computer Science (6 sem. hrs.)

Electives (12 sem. hrs.)


Total number of semester hours: 63

*See list of courses which fulfill the liberal arts core.

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